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February is Heart Health Awareness Month

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Are you or a loved one concerned about your cardiovascular health? Learn how you can improve your heart health with Acupuncture!


Did you know that the number one cause of death in the United states is due to Heart Disease?

And is the leading cause of death globally?

One of the main symptoms and diseases to watch out for is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is an indicator that a person has a high risk for heart disease, stroke, or heart attacks. Though there are many medications used and prescribed, a study released in 2017 showed that acupuncture was equally effective in treating high blood pressure as the pharmaceutical drug nifedipine.
Not only did the acupuncture treatments have longer lasting results in keeping blood pressure at a lower level, it also naturally regulated lowering of blood pressure relative to the clinical needs of the patients.

For Example: “For patients with extremely high blood pressure, acupuncture significantly reduced systolic and diastolic pressures. For patients with moderate levels of high blood pressure, acupuncture moderately reduced systolic and diastolic pressures.” – Study from Jiaozuo Tongren Hospital

This is significant because it showed that acupuncture would not create an adverse effect of lowering a person’s blood pressure too much (which can be extremely dangerous)- but would naturally reduce it to a healthy/regulated level. 
“Nifedipine, by contrast, may produce excessive lowering of blood pressure, especially during the first use of the drug or if the patient is dehydrated.”
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