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Fibromyalgia Testimonial

Yelp Review #51– My husband and I have been going to Zen for almost 4 years on a regular basis at the Disney Cancer center in Burbank, Calif. Her private office and staff is located in Pasadena. There aren’t enough words to truly express how professional, kind, caring and wonderful Zen is to all of  her patients. Zen listens and addresses all of our concerns and strives to alleviate whatever pain or issues we might have.

Acupuncture has helped me with my fibromyalgia and myofascial pain. It has helped me to not be dependent on pain meds. Additionally Zen has treated me for severe lower back pain. When it came time for me to have a multi-level lumbar fusion surgery, I was able to recover and heal sooner than expected with acupuncture. The surgeon was amazed with my progress.

fibromyalgia pain

My husband was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and with the care of his Neurologist and specific meds, along with acupuncture, he has regained his stamina and energy and reduced the meds.

Zen has also guided us nutritionally with fantastic whole food vitamins and depending on your needs, she can also formulate something specifically for you.

Healing with Zen is a whole body healing experience. Stress relief, better stamina and energy and pain relief are just some of the added benefits of acupuncture. Zen is truly “THE BEST”!!   – Julie T. (3/11/2021)



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