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Foods To Clear Heat & Cool The Body

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The Summer Cool Down Series: Foods To Clear Heat & Cool The Body

Welcome back to our Summer Cool Down Series, we are going to introduce foods that will help you clear heat and cool the body! You are what you eat. This is no more apparent than when the summer heat can leave you feeling like a sun-dried tomato. We’ve already covered how to stay hydrated and cool on the outside; it’s now time to talk about what you need to eat to stay hydrated on the inside.
It’s easy to get bogged down by summer heat so keeping a keen eye on how you nourish yourself through these drier and hotter months will also help in keeping your energy level up as well!
The foods listed today are considered Yin foods. This is the same Yin that is famously represented in Yin Yang symbols. It represents many things, one of which is water, thus it is important to consume many Yin foods during the summertime when our body is lacking in water more so than the other seasons.

Xi Gua (Watermelon)

This fruit has sweet and cold properties in Chinese Medicine.  Watermelon is so important in the summertime as it is not only extremely tasty, but it also keeps the body cool and hydrated.

Yi Yi Ren (Job’s Tears)

Yi Yi Ren is a lesser known seed that is cooling to the skin and incredibly effective at clearing signs of excess toxic heat in the body.  Its function is to help the body re-distribute how it handles water retention so that the fluids that are retained can be utilized to nourish the skin properly.

Bo He (Peppermint)

Bo He is a great ingredient to add as a finishing touch to any dish during the summertime.  It is great to vent rashes and any surface heat ailments. Bo He can also help with any headaches that are caused by dehydration in the summertime and can be taken easily as a tea alone or with another ingredient down the list, Ju Hua.

Lu Dou (Mung Beans)

This food is gaining momentum as a key ingredient to popular summer drinks due to its light and cooling nature. Lu Dou’s main claim to fame is its ability to relieve thirst and release toxins.  This makes it a great ingredient to have in any of your soups or smoothies in the summer months.

Ju Hua (Chrysanthemum)

Ju Hua is a very cooling ingredient just like others listed above.  However, this beautiful flower is specifically great at keeping the eyes moist and clear.  Ju Hua is also one of the most used herbs to help not only clear the eyes but also treat dry, sore throats.

We hope you enjoyed this session on foods to clear heat and cool the body, and hope to see you in the next post!

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