Georgios Vlahoylis, L.Ac. | Acupuncturist & Herbalist, M.A Psychology, B.A Integrative Biology.

Georgios’ journey to preventative and holistic approach to health started about 15 years ago when he came to the states to pursue higher education. His original ambition to psychiatry allowed him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology at U.C. Berkeley, which was founded on a well rounded approach to human biology including human behavior, anatomy and physiology, genetics, anthropology and medical ethnobotany. 

Exposed early on to various fields of human medicine, Georgios decided to dive a bit deeper into the human brain, in order to comprehend the human psyche. Georgios’ goal was to understand not only basic human behavior, but also clinical psychopathology so that he can sharpen and exercise empathy, active listening, and critical thinking in his personal and professional relations.  Fascinated on how the body responds to the mind’s state and vice versa, it was during those graduate years at New York University where he discovered Chinese Medicine.

Simultaneously, while being an athlete and fitness trainer for most of his adult life, Chinese Medicine came unexpectedly to the rescue. While receiving weekly acupuncture, he was able to recover from chronic tendonitis, minimize stress and anxiety, and improve his sleep and sports performance while able to maintain focus in his graduate studies and research. Not long after finishing his Masters, Georgios quickly immersed in Chinese Medicine studies at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, California where he completed 4 years Master’s program and hundreds of clinical hours under the supervision of some of the best Orthopedic, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Dermatology and Psychiatric specialists in the field, allowing him to witness and appreciate the effects of Chinese Medicine on a vast spectrum in human pathology. 

Learn more about Georgios, L.Ac. & Herbalist

Learn more about Georgios, L.Ac. & Herbalist


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