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Glowing from within with Chinese Herbs (Part 1 )

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Chinese herbs are my personal go-to savior when it comes to solving any skin related issues that patients exhibit.  They are incredibly effective and help keep patient’s skin clear and bright for the long run. These powerhouse herbs are most commonly prepared boiled with water producing a medicinal tea or they can also be cooked with other ingredients in a soup or stew with vegetables and meat to your taste.  


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In Part 1 of this 2-part series, we’ll cover two famous Chinese herbs that are commonly incorporated into custom herbal teas that we offer our patients at Healing with Zen.

 Dang Gui

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Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root)

This is an amazing herb for increasing blood circulation and reducing swelling.  Not only does it help with circulation to brighten up the skin, it also helps heal any scarring or cuts and bruises.  Lastly, it helps to increase production of blood which helps with dry hair, nails, or skin.

 Shao Yao

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Shao Yao

This is an herb that I love to recommend to many of my women patients.  It’s amazing for not only skin, but it is a powerhouse for decreasing stress and tight muscles as well. Shao Yao very effectively treats hormone imbalances.  When our hormones are imbalanced, we are more likely to develop wrinkles, dry skin, rosacea, and acne.  
It’s important to note that custom herbal formulas like the ones we formulate here at Healing With Zen are uniquely tailor-made for each and every patient so it’s imperative to see your acupuncturist in person so that they can get a full picture of your current condition and prescribe the most appropriate custom formula for your needs.  
To read more about frequently used herbs in Chinese Medicine that are able to improve your health and benefit your skin, Read Part 2 of “Glowing from within with Chinese Herbs”
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