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Glowing from within with Chinese Herbs (Part 2)

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Chinese Medicine has a plethora of uses from combatting the common cold to helping regulate menstruation and, luckily for us, also improving skin tone and texture from the inside out.


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In this continuation of Part 1(link Part 1 here) of our series, we’ll cover two more incredibly versatile herbs that give glow and youthful elasticity to the skin. These powerhouse herbs are most commonly prepared boiled with water producing a medicinal tea or they can also be cooked with other ingredients in a soup or stew with vegetables and meat to your taste.


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Huang Qi (Astragalus)

This is a favorite for those who are suffering from acne breakouts as this herb’s strong point is to heal and lessen the appearance of acne or boils.  This helps to fight bacteria and inflammation, which in turn proves to be very effective against combatting acne of all types.


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Niu Bang Zi (Burdock Root)

Niu Bang Zi is an amazing herb for a multitude of reasons, some of which extend beyond skin benefits!  This herb is a great one to take when you are suffering from any swelling or red, hot rashes. It is a cooling herb, so it’s effect on skin conditions that are more “hot” in nature is strong.  Another great action of this herb is that it helps those suffering from sore throats especially in cold and flu season.

Custom herbal formulas like the ones we make at Healing with Zen are uniquely tailor-made for each and every patient so it’s imperative to see your acupuncturist in person so that they can get a full picture of your current condition and prescribe the most appropriate custom formula for your needs.

To read more about frequently used herbs in Chinese Medicine that are able to improve your health and benefit your skin, Read Part 1 of “Glowing from within with Chinese Herbs”
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