How to Heal Sports Injuries with Acupuncture

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Summer is a fantastic time to head outside for some fun and healthy outdoor sports, but recent or chronic sports injuries can get in the way. Learn how acupuncture can reduce the pain and swelling associated with injuries and help you get back to having fun on the field.


Almost all athletes have some experience with sports-related injuries, whether a one-time issue caused by a fall or collision on the field or a chronic stress injury like the shoulder, wrist, or knee pain that many athletes struggle with. Most people know of basic first aid techniques, like using ice packs or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, but did you know that acupuncture has been shown to be effective in treating sports injuries?
Acupuncture treats sports injuries by applying needles to specific meridian points depending on the location and nature of the injury. Specific acupuncture techniques have been developed over time to target physical injuries and healing, and often acupuncture treatment can significantly reduce recovery time and create a smoother transition back to playing. The acupuncturist may also use cupping therapy to treat pain and swelling based on the patient’s needs. Natural treatment modalities like acupuncture and cupping are becoming increasingly popular with many professional athletes as awareness of traditional Chinese medicine spreads. Using alternative treatments can give you an advantage, as they allow you to relieve pain quickly without risk of dependency on drugs and can also boost your immune response and help to improve sleep quality.

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