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Hemorrhoids & Pregnancy Symptoms

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Case Study on patient with hemorrhoids and pregnancy symptoms

Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids

11-week pregnant 36 year old woman came it at and wanted to manage hemorrhoid and pregnancy symptoms using acupuncture. Her main concern was lingering hemorrhoids. Patient was concerned that pregnancy may aggravate her hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids started in 2017 and patient doesn’t feel like it’s fully gone away. Her last painful experience was in 2018 during holiday season. Currently the anal area is sensitive and occasional bleeding with defecation. Constipation will aggravate hemorrhoids.
Bowels tend towards dry and she feels constipation easily.
Digestion tends towards bloating, slight acid reflux.  Along with nausea and fatigue with pregnancy.
Water retention is common for her.

Acupuncture Treatment Summary

8/19/19- initial acupuncture treatment and consultation

8/28/19- 4-5 days of less discomfort and no bleeding!  Patient rates discomfort 3.5/10

9/9/19- patient complains of some acid reflux. Hemorrhoids feel less discomfort 3/10

9/16/19- Overall hemorrhoids cause less discomfort

9/25/19 – Patient had some bleeding after being constipation. 4/10. Acid reflux and nausea managed.

9/30/19- Patient was constipated over the weekend and had slight bleeding with defecation. However healed quickly and she feels better today.  Acid reflux and nausea managed

10/4/19- Patient reports no bleeding and no pain for 1 day. Better bowel movements

10/7/19- Patient reports no bleeding and no pain for 3 days in a row.

Patient will continue 1x/week treatment throughout her 2nd trimester so we can manage the situation and provide relief. We will also be working on overall digestion and bowel movements, as well as other pregnancy related symptoms that may rise.
Patient was treated using Balance Method Acupuncture.

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Written by Zen Tuan, Licensed Balance Method Acupuncturist at Healing with Zen in Pasadena, CA.

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