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Important Chinese Herb for Prostate, Kidney, and Mens Health

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Chinese Medicine is incredibly effective at improving mens health, boasting both short and long term benefits. There are so many herbs that can be combined into custom formulations for Chinese Medicine, and these formulations vary depending on the root issue. Herbs that are most often included in Chinese Medicinal formulas for men are covered below.


Reishi is a buzzy, adaptogenic herb that is making headlines in the health and wellness field.  What many may not know is that Reishi, or Ling Zhi, has been in use in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to benefit kidney and men’s health. Reishi has been shown to improve mens health and directly benefit the prostate. It contains beta-glucans that help stop the growth and spread of cancer cells.  A study has also been done to show it has the potential to improve urinary flow for men. (1)


Gingko Biloba or Bai Guo is used in Chinese Medicine to eliminate dampness, especially in the lower abdomen including the genitals. It alleviates any inflammation in that area and improves urinary flow to combat both urinary retention and incontinence. It has also been used to improve circulation. (2)


While these herbs are effective alone, their health benefits are increased when combined in a custom formula written by your acupuncturist.  It is important to consult with your acupuncturist as some herbs may work better than others for your specific concerns and inherent constitution.


If you suffer from recurring mens health concerns and are looking for an open and understanding space to address these concerns, or if you’re looking to boost your overall health so you may have the best quality of life later on.


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