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My experience in having acupuncture with Zen has been amazing… After having a bad experience with acupuncture with someone else, I never wanted to try acupuncture again! Being that I’m not a found of oral medications and hearing all the positive results people were having with Zen, I decided to give it one more try. Zen made me feel so comfortable and was constantly asking about my comfort level with the needles she was placing on my body. The results have been amazing; my sleeping disorder has changed drastically since my first session. Zen is currently treating me for Achilles Tendonitis of my both feet; and man – let me tell you, if you know what Achilles Tendonitis is, you know the unbearable pain I’m talking about. After my 2nd session I started noticing the difference, and I can’t thank Zen enough for helping me with this chronic pain and swelling. Not to mention weight control and other minor issues she recently started treating…. Did I mention, how relaxing and restful you will feel after acupuncture? Trust me, you will thank yourself for giving it a try & then you will thank Zen for the amazing treatment and care she puts into each of her clients…. Thank you Zen.     – KL  – 9/22/2021


I started seeing Zen in August 2015 to assist with some fertility issues. I thought of myself as a relatively healthy person – or at least I didn’t complain much. I have come to realize that many of the ailments I accepted as a part of my “modern lifestyle” were not things I actually had to live with – they could be fixed! In addition to fertility problems/hormonal imbalances, I had the following symptoms: insomnia, occasional bloating or upset stomach, swelling, poor circulation, neck and back pain, mild headaches, and anxiety.

After about 6 months, I’d say my overall health has improved at least 75%.This was my first experience outside of Western medicine and I am so amazed. I sleep soundly most nights, rarely struggle with bloating of any kind, my neck and back pain is managed to a degree that my trips to the chiropractor are few and far between, I feel a greater sense of calm and – most importantly to me – my hormones are finally getting under control.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Zen. She is attentive and detailed without EVER being pushy or overbearing. She is completely upfront about any charges well in advance so you never feel like she is “pulling a fast one on you.” She listens so well, remembers every conversation and takes copious notes, and really feels invested in my health and well being. She is sweet and kind and so good at her job. I’ve gone for weekly sessions and have been taking her custom herb blend and I feel like I’m really making progress in so many ways. Victoria S. 


It was a great experience. I went in with lots of tension and neck stiffness. And left very relaxed and feeling so much better and energized. I even went for a long walk and run for a bit afterwards. That night I also slept better. I am looking forward to the next session! – Hugo D
Zen is knowledgeable and thorough and has helped me in countless ways. From relaxation and stress relief, to chronic aches and pains & sleep disturbances, these treatments have offered relief. I look forward to my weekly session and have noticed a huge improvement in how I feel. – Jennifer J.

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