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Dealing with Irregular Cycles?

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irregular cycles

Do you have irregular cycles? According to Chinese Medicine, this means the body is out of balance.

Irregular cycles and things to look out for:

  • Chinese Medicine deems a normal menstrual cycle to be between 24-35 days, with an average of 28 days. The duration of menses should be between 3-7 days, with 30-50ml of normal menstrual bleeding.

  • In addition to the cycle length and amount, Chinese medicine believes normal menses should be: red in color, not too dark or light; the flow should not be too heavy or too light, with no blood clots and no special odor. 

  • Most importantly, there should be no premenstrual symptoms (PMS). PMS usually refers to mood swings, sore tender breasts, bloating, headache/migraines, low back pain, and general discomfort.

If a woman’s menses does not meet the above criteria, underlying imbalances need to be addressed before other health issues arise. 

Don’t spend another day guessing when your next menses will come!

AT-HOME EAR SEEDS to help with premenstrual discomfort


Contains ear chart showing auriculotherapy points that are believed to correspond to healthy skin, hormonal imbalances and clear skin.

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