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Kidney Stones

We heal kidney stones

I was in the market for an acupuncturist as a last-minute attempt to pass a kidney stone before I had to go in for surgery. Zen was prompt in returning my email and fit me into her schedule. She was competent, kind, and helpful during a very difficult time in my life. And I did end up passing the stone the next day! Although I do not know for sure what allowed me to pass it, I believe the acupuncture was part of it! Zen followed up with me and gave me considerations for future changes and preventative medicine. I would recommend her 🙂 Thanks Zen.  – Jenni B. – 11/6/2014

Struggling with kidney stones or other ailments? Book an appointment today with one of our talented acupuncturists! We are even offering telemedicine appointments, which you can learn more about in this video! We also offer custom herbal formulas, which can help balance the systems in your body! 

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