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Left Arm Pain treated by Balance Method Acupuncture

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Case study: left arm pain alleviated by acupuncture

Acupuncture for Left Arm Pain

67 year old female came into our office with left arm pain. Left bicep pain started 6-7 months ago after golfing and moving loads of furniture. Patient states golfing and backward flexion cause extreme “sharp, pulling” pain. Pain level is 10/10. Hard time extending the arm. Ice helps, but heat feel good too. Poor sleep quality due to pain. 

Ultrasound and Xray was done and showed, no tear. Doctor states buildup of fluid in the long head of bicep.

Patient is doing physical therapy 2 times per week, and was recommended to add Acupuncture into her regimen. 

Treatment Plan Summary

 Suggested treatment plan was for 8 acupuncture treatments to manage the pain, increase range of motion in arm and prevent reoccurrence of symptoms. 

1/6/2020 initial consult + acupuncture. Pain level 10/10

1/10/2020   Left arm pain- 5/10 and range of motion has improved. 50% improvement

1/13/2020  Pain area has shrunk in diameter, pain level 4/10 and patient states no pain when golfing!  – 60% improvement!
1/17/2020 Pain no longer constant. Only experienced pain one time with specific movement, pain level 4/10 when it occurred
1/31/2020 Left shoulder no longer an issue after 3 treatments. Patient sprained her left ankle, and we started focusing on her other issues including her neck pain and low immune system. 

Balance Method

Patient was treated using Balance Method acupuncture by Zen Tuan, Licensed acupuncturist and herbalist at Healing with Zen in Pasadena, California. 

Balance Method Acupuncture is very effective in treating various pains in the body, both acute pain as well as chronic pain. Patients usually experience immediate pain relief upon needle insertion and love this alternative form of healthcare and healing. 
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