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Acne: Looking From Outside In (Part 1)

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Looking From Outside In (Part 1)

As acupuncturists, we always look from the outside to see what is really going on in the body. Each area of the face tells a story of what is imbalanced in terms of the organs and functions that reside within the body. For example, acne in a certain area tells us what organ needs attention.

Facial mapping allows us to treat illnesses using acupuncture points on the face. We can also analyze the patient’s face to prescribe custom herbal formulas that are tailored for their own needs.

Whether you tend to have acne, fine lines, discoloration, or difference in skin texture in a certain area on your face, the area in which these skin issues occur repeatedly speaks volumes. Letting us know what needs to be balanced at the root of the issue so that those skin issues won’t make a comeback. Topical creams can help in a small way. However, it is crucial to find the root of the issue. That way, the symptoms can be stopped at the source of the problem.
In this blog post, we’re going to go over the first few areas of facial mapping. More areas will be covered in depth in the next posts.

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The Area: The Forehead

The forehead denotes the Small Intestine and the Nervous System. It is responsible for showing signs of stress and stagnation. Digestion is largely linked to the Central Nervous System as it controls our digestive function. With its relation to all of these organs, the forehead is generally seen as an area where nutritional diet and digestion (stress related or not) are evaluated by the acupuncturist.  Patients who struggle with SIBO, leaky gut, or other digestive issues also experience acne or fine lines across the forehead area.

The Change: First and foremost, there needs to be less intake of non-nutritional food that will only stagnate the digestion process once eaten.  This includes processed foods such as refined sugar and carbs.


The Area: Between the Eyebrows

Between the eyebrows is an area correlated specifically with the Liver. The Liver is largely affected by toxins, emotions, and easily affects the digestive system. Specifically, the Liver is correlated to a lot of emotions. In fact, anger, stress, and frustration in day to day life can contribute to a poorly functioning Liver. The results can show up as skin discoloration (redness), deep set wrinkles, or acne in the area between the eyebrows.  

The Change:  Decreasing any toxic intake in your day to day routine is important. This means eating liver friendly foods such as turmeric, leafy greens, bitters, and clean protein.  It is also important to use clean skincare that does not have too many toxic ingredients as 60-70% of what you put on your skin does make its way to your bloodstream and thus can contribute to any toxic buildup internally. It is also important to maintain a more stress free state of mind as well whether that be through taking walks, exercising, or meditating.

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