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May 31st is World No Tobacco Day

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“World No Tobacco Day”

4 Ways your Acupuncture can help you quit for good!

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Quitting cigarettes can be extremely difficult- it is not just getting the nicotine out of your system, but it is about addressing the triggers and habits associated with smoking.

Although these changes are done by a change of lifestyle, your acupuncturist can help you with the process in more ways then you probably think!

Here are a few ways in which Acupuncture can help:

1. The use of the NADA protocol

established by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, where five specific points are needled in the ear (also known as auricular acupuncture) and are left in for 20-30 minutes. The use of this protocol has been shown to help settle peoples thoughts, create clear thinking, help manage the symptoms of detox, and reduce cravings.

2. Acupuncture points used specifically for smoking cessation

1. This point is commonly referred to as the “stop smoking” acupuncture point! It is located above the crease of your wrist and alters the taste of cigarettes

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3. The use of acupuncture with herbal medicine is able to reduce cravings!

Custom herbal formulas are made by your acupuncturists to address your specific concerns. The formulas help with cravings, reduce irritability, support the detox process, improve quality of sleep, and more.

4. At-home acupressure

Before you leave the office, your acupuncturist may put ear seeds into specific areas of the ear. These points are selected by your acupuncturist to help with your specific concerns (detox, headaches, irritability, etc). When having a flare-up of your symptoms, you are able to massage these points for 30 seconds – 1 minute and you will notice a physical and mental change! These seeds can stay in your ears for up to 5 days- just in time for your follow- up treatment.

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