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Zen is a true professional and really cares for her patients. Not only is she knowledgeable and effective, but she is thoughtful too. When I went in for my initial visit, she evaluated my overall health with a series of questions and walked me through the entire process, as it was my first time using an acupuncturist. She also offers packages that reduce the price of each visit. I highly recommend Healing With Zen for your acupuncture needs. – Dion N. – 7/7/2014

I would highly recommend Zen. I’m fairly new to acupuncture and never believe in Chinese med. By her taking my pulse she was able to diagnose my symptoms. After taking the herbs she prescribed to me I started seeing results within one week. I’m very impressed. – Coco H. – 1/1/2014

Zen was very informative and gentle, she walked me through each step she was doing.  For my first time trying acupuncture, it was a fantastic experience, that’s why I decided to purchase a 5-visit package. I walked in with a nagging pain in my hand, shoulder and back.  Each visit, she tackled each issue and instantaneously, the pain subsided!  I couldn’t even tell she had inserted acupuncture needles in me.

As with all therapy treatments, multiple visits are a MUST.  Even though I felt instant relief, I knew better than to just visit one time and leave it at that.  I have since finished my 5-visit package, and am planning on purchasing another package to continue my treatment. If you are looking for a HOLISTIC approach to treating any ailments, try acupuncture…with HEALING WITH ZEN!  Whether it’s for Anti-Aging, Weight-Loss, joint pain, muscle pains, etc.…you’d be surprise at what acupuncturists can do! – Karen H. – 12/27/2013

I have relied on acupuncture to address various health issues for almost a decade, and have worked with wonderful acupuncturists on both sides of the country, including three practitioners in the Pasadena area. I’ve been seeing Zen for about a year now and she is one of the best! In my time as her patient, I have experienced significant improvement in the concerns that I initially brought to her, and the relief I have felt has been priceless.

Zen is kind, patient, and most importantly, incredibly thorough in her practice. The herbal formula she has prescribed for me has been extremely effective and not too costly. She is a great listener and works very hard to meet your needs while respecting your limitations. (I have frequent scheduling issues due to the nature of my work and commute and have appreciated her patience so much.)  Her office is clean and comfortable. I really can’t say too many good things about Zen–if you think acupuncture might be the thing for you, do yourself a favor and check her out. – Erin C. – 9/11/2015

 I have seen Zen for various ailments over the years. She is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. As an acupuncturist myself, I trust her to be one of the best. I refer her to many of my friends and family in the area. She is wonderful! – Jin C. – 7/25/2015

I appreciate how thorough Zen was about my health issues and history. She asked so many questions and took many notes, so that I felt she had a complete picture of my situation. She also has a very calm and compassionate demeanor. The acupuncture is helping my conditions, although my treatment will require ongoing visits. I am extremely pleased with the care I am receiving from Zen. I appreciate the reviews that came before mine, because they helped me decide to choose her, and it was a good decision! – Mary B. – 9/15/2014

I have been getting acupuncture done this past year and within four visits of seeing Vanessa and Zen, many of my health issues have been COMPLETELY CURED! The environment is very warm and inviting and both Vanessa and Zen are very attentive to any health issues you may be experiencing. If you’re looking for a great place to start or continue acupuncture, this is definitely the place!  – Alexa D. – 8/7/19

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Healing with Zen is a great facility! Zen walked me through the entire session and gave me tips to continue the healing process on my own at home. I have been going to doctors for years but acupuncture has been able to provide a holistic approach on healing. I immediately noticed a gradual change in my body and feel like it is now aware of itself.

I am looking forward to going to more acupuncture sessions, to help empower my body to heal itself naturally! I highly recommend it!  – Jackie M. – 7/12/2014  


I am a very ticklish person and have had trouble with acupuncture sessions and even massage sessions in the past.  Luckily, Zen is excellent with dealing with more sensitive or ticklish types and was able to insert acupuncture needles on all of my limbs with no issues at all.  While some discomfort is expected, especially with the insertion of needles into sensitive areas, ultimately the amount of relaxation and release that comes with each session makes it more than worth it.  I found myself drifting in and out of sleep in waves of relaxation during each 30-45 minute session. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone with acute medical problems or even any health minded individuals just looking to improve their quality of life. – Winston T.-  7/2/2014

I’ve had 2 acupuncture experiences and each of my ventures was with different doctors. Both experiences were completely different from one another. My first acupuncture experience can be described as unfulfilling.  At the time, I was healing an injury on my left wrist caused by a previous car accident.  I was not told what to expect or how long each session would last. This made me doubt if the treatment was properly performed and gave me a lack of confidence towards the effectiveness of my treatment. My second acupuncture was done by Zen; and the experience can be described as comforting as I was much more at ease in trusting the treatment.  I had a severe sprain on my ankle and it was a week after my injury when I had Zen work on me.  After going through my health history, Zen detailed every step she would work on. She would remind me to keep my breathing steady and constantly asked me how I was feeling both physically and mentally.  By letting me feel at ease, Zen’s treatment felt deep and gentle on my injury. I was no longer as nervous about the needles and I felt an instant connection wherever the treatment was applied. I was able to turn my ankle without the strong feelings of tension and pain.  The session was not long but it was extremely beneficial.  I was able to put my injured foot flat on the ground the very next day without extreme discomfort.  Although my injury still had to heal completely, I had a wonderful experience at the amount of relief this treatment provided. Even for myself, I was quite shocked at how effective and immediate this eastern medicine treatment had on me.  I continued more treatments with Zen with her Herb consultation.  She reviewed my full medical history and any discomforts I’ve been experiencing.  She personalized herbs in powder form to help with maintaining my energy and building my immune system.  I’ve been taking the herbs for more than 3 months now and I do feel the difference.  My energy level is become more normal and I am able to fight off cold easier.  Thank you Zen for introducing me the benefits of Eastern medicine! – M.C.- 1/14/2014

I have NEVER had acupuncture in my life because I was too scared!  But I finally did and it is painless and not scary at all like I thought it would be.  Zen is great she has taught me a lot as well as healing my back pain.  I am a singer so it definitely helps with my neck stiffness and over all body!  Definitely recommend going!!!  – Catherin G – 4/10/2014

Zen is great at what she does and I felt a lot better after my first session.  It was quick and painless and results were there right away.  You don’t even notice when she inserts the needles.  If you want to try acupuncture, Zen is definitely the one to see! – E.L. – 12/30/2013

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I have never had an acupuncture session, but Zen came highly recommended by friends.  When I called to make my appointment, she was able to work around my busy schedule.  When I went to my appointment, she made me feel comfortable given that it was my first time.  She listened to all the problems I had and knew exactly how to help me.  After my session, I felt GREAT.  I am now a believer of acupuncture and will definitely go back to Zen when I am in town.  I have been to other acupuncturists since Zen, but none have made me feel that they genuinely care like Zen did.  DEFINITELY recommend her!                  – Fanny C. – 12/28/2013

Dr. Zen and her staff are wonderful! The office is clean and comfortable. With relaxing music and heated beds, I feel more like I am at the spa than a medical office. Most importantly, Zen listens to my problems and addresses my concerns. She is professional and truly a wonderful caregiver. I HIGHLY recommend this facility. – Kurt F. 2/15/19

Though I am quite new to acupuncture, I felt at ease with this practitioner. Her kind, understanding, and gentle personality combined with her passion for healing was comforting, especially in the face of something as unsettling as needless. It is refreshing to meet a health care professional who will actually take the time to learn your personal troubles to provide an effective treatment for the mind and body. Good experience! – Dean T. – 12/27/2013

This is a great practice.  I have a number of health issues that cause nagging discomfort, and acupuncture has served as a reliable way to provide relief.  I am happy to have found Vanessa and Healing with Zen.  I always leave feeling better.  – Matt D. – 4/5/2018

Zen is the best! I had never had acupuncture before, but Zen put me right at ease, and I even did a package of 10 sessions after the first because it was so relaxing. Zen really listens to everything you say, and she remembers everything without having to look it up all the time. Book sessions in advance, she gets busy! – Molly A. – 3/7/2015

I went in for a 15-minute-introduction-to-acupuncture treatment during a Healing with Zen open house. During the pre-session interview I mentioned that I’ve had a very sore, stiff neck with limited range of motion for a very long time. Zen said she’d work on it. During the session my range of motion immediately improved, but the pain remained. Today,, after ONLY A 15 MINUTE TREATMENT, my range of motion is greatly improved and the pain is minimal.

Thank you, Zen.   – Elsa C. – 1/17/2015

Clean facility, comfortable heated beds, very relaxing and “zen” atmosphere! Practitioners are attentive and professional. They listen thoroughly and genuinely want you to feel better. Acupuncture and herbs have helped with various health issues, from common colds to aches and pains. Great experience overall! – Tammy L. – 2/11/2019

I have done acupuncture before and it didn’t address my issue. I then gave it another go with Zen and it was great, she definitely pinpointed where I needed help with and even told me about exercises to aid as well. She followed up with me and now my issue has abated. The atmosphere in which you are treated as well is just soothing and calm. She communicates what she will be covering and asks for feedback constantly to ensure comfort and professionalism. I will be back to her soon for my knee and a stress treatment as well. – Stephen D. – 4/14/2014  

I have nothing but positive things to say about Zen, from my first visit Zen had a very positive and calming demeanor. She asked many questions to see exactly what my problem was. I was suffering from a few things, but the most important was my gallbladder. In a matter of a session or two, I was already feeling relief. And now, only a couple of weeks into the treatment, I feel so much better. I can’t express my gratitude enough. and we still have some work to do, but I know that I am on the road to recovery with Zen’s guidance!! – Denise Y. – 9/29/2014

I scheduled my Cupping Therapy session through the website. I received a call and email confirmation within 2 hours. (Pretty amazing)

The session went great. I didn’t want to get off the table.  I really felt like I was being heard. Zen was very comforting to be around.

I’m going back next week for Acupuncture which will be a first for me. – Cindy C. – 11/12/2014

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