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Neck pain & Numbness In Toes/Feet (neuropathy)

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Case Study: Neck Pain & Numbness In Toes/Feet

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57 year old male was struggling with right side neck pain for 2 months when he came to our office. Backward flexion is impaired. He has gotten massages and received numerous chiropractic adjustments, which only provides relief for 2-3 days. Patient has not incurred any injury to the neck. The pain affects his sleep. Neck and shoulder tension level 6/10 and pain is constant. Pain and tightness radiates into the chest and mid-back region. Primary pain is along the trapezius muscle. He is experiencing numbness in the toes and it comes and goes. The numbness is located along the tips and balls of the feet and is evenly dispersed. He had been experiencing this sensation for 5 years.

Treatment Plan and Progress

 2/19/2020   – Initial consult + Acupuncture – pain level 6/10. Patient felt immediate relief in pain upon needle insertion. 

2/24/2020  Neck tightness level 4/10 – 20% improvement after one treatment!
3/2/2020 – Neck tightness is minimal , Pain level 1/10 – 30% additional improvement after two treatments. 
3/9/2020 – Neck tightness 1/10. Patient states numbness in toes is less prevalent
3/11/2020 – Minimal neck tightness. Pain level 0.5 /10. No longer feels numbness in toes!
Patient’s pain level went from 6/10 to minimal 0.5/10 in just 4 treatments! Also the numbness in his toes that has been ongoing for 5 years is no longer present.
We still have 4 more treatments to go, but he is delighted with his progress.
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At Healing With Zen, Our Acupuncturists Use Balance Method Acupuncture

What is Balance Method? 
Balance Method Acupuncture is very effective in treating various aches and pains, as well as neuropathy and numbness in the body. Acupuncture increases circulation in the body, decreases inflammation and boosts the immune system to work faster, stronger and more efficiently than it normally does. Patients usually Experience immediate pain relief upon needle insertion and love this alternative form of healthcare and healing. 

 To Learn More About Balance Method Watch The Video Below: 

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