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Neck Pain Testimonials

5-Star Google ReviewAbout a month ago, I started getting acupuncture treatments for my chronic allergies, neck/lower back pain, and depression/anxiety with Zen. And it was the BEST decision I’ve ever made! I have been suffering from seasonal/ environmental allergies for years and tried everything from ingesting essential oils to various allergy medicines. Zen changed everything for the better. Zen is with you every step of the way from the acupuncture treatments to changes in your lifestyle and diet. She definitely knows what she is doing, not only with acupuncture but also with recommending holistic medicine to supplement and expedite the healing process. The office and the treatment rooms are very clean and tidy, with pleasant relaxing music playing. The staff is very kind and welcoming and make you feel right at home. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from allergies or other chronic ailments! Jacqueline D. (9/29/2020)

neck pain treatment

Yelp Review #43 Thank you Dr. Zen for providing such a wonderful first time experience!!  I was soo very nervous since I don’t like needles, but so happy I’ve came to you for healing. I had a lot of upper/lower back pain and my right wrist was hurting from all the text communication I do for work. After my first treatment, I woke up this am feeling very refreshed, no heaviness in my body or soul that I had felt for months! My body feels amazing, less pain in my upper/lower back and wrist too.  I can’t wait to come back for more sessions and continue my treatment for fertility planning too!! You’ll most definitely have all of my colleagues and friends coming to you for support and healing. You’re the BEST and again thank you so much Dr. Zen!!  Britt S. (2/21/2020)

Review I went in for a 15-minute-introduction-to-acupuncture treatment during a Healing with Zen open house. During the pre-session interview I mentioned  that I’ve had a very sore, stiff neck with limited range of motion for a very long time. Zen said she’d work on it. During the session my range of motion immediately improved, but the pain remained. Today, after ONLY A 15 MINUTE TREATMENT, my range of motion is greatly improved and the pain is minimal. Thank you, Zen.  Elsa C. (1/17/2015)

Yelp Review #42I have NEVER had acupuncture in my life because I was too scared!  But I finally did and it is painless and not scary at all like I thought it would be.  Zen is great she has taught me a lot as well as healing my back pain.  I am a singer so it definitely helps with my neck stiffness and over all body!  Definitely recommend going!!!  Catherin G. (4/10/2014)

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