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A Heart Opening Stretch

If you’ve been to even just a few yoga classes, you’ve probably heard the term “heart opener.” This term, though often used to describe back-bending, chest-opening postures, actually digs much deeper than that. Heart opening in Traditional Chinese Medicine can happen through posture, breath, or meditation – and affects not just the physical structure of the chest (bone and muscle) where the heart resides, but the energetic and emotional capacity (love, compassion, gratitude, to name a few) of ourselves as well. Try Andrea’s heart opening stretch below to experience it for yourself!

Heart-openers are widely used because many of us develop a shield, or a sort of armour around our heart-space from years of improper, or unsupported physical posture, and emotionally challenging or damaging experiences.

After this stretch, check out this Qi Gong video that was also done by Andrea! 

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