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Our Product of the Month: Nervagesic

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Poppies Superbloom - Nervagesic

If you lived in Southern California this year, you were probably amazed to see a bright carpet of orange flowers painting the hills this springtime. The heavy rains of winter brought on a spectacular wildflower show as soon as the sun came out, and the star of this extravaganza was the bright orange California Poppy. As astonishing as it was to see miles of golden flowers invading every inch of available soil, you’ll find it even more astonishing to discover that our native poppy has more to offer than just a pretty face. California poppies offer serious pain relief, and Nervagesic has bottled it.

Nervagesic bottle

A distant cousin to the infamous opium poppy, California poppies have a similar sedating power minus the dangerous addictive grip of its more aggressive relative. Nervagesic’s harnessing of this gentle power can ease the pain of muscular discomfort due to over-strenuous activities or – more importantly – chronic issues such as fibromyalgia, tension headaches and menstrual cramps.

The perfect partner to this relaxing little poppy is a delicate blue flower called Corydalis, which holds a relaxing anti-anxiety ingredient that is extremely helpful for those with mild depression, sleeplessness or social unease.

Corydalis Flower

Combined, the two main ingredients in Nervagesic can relax and calm you naturally, without danger of overdose or addiction. For all those reasons, it’s our Product of the Month.

If you would like to try a bottle of Nervagesic for yourself, and you’re a current Healing With Zen patient, you can now order it online through this link.

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