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Herbal Pain Patches

Herbal Pain Patch

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These herbal patches temporarily relieve muscle and joint pains, backaches, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains. 

Herbs Included:

  • Zhi Chuan Wu – Reduce swelling    
  • Zhi Cao Wu – Reduce swelling 
  • Di Huang – Nourishes the blood
  • Bai Lian– Relieves pain & promote healing of wounds
  • Gui Zhi – Relieves pain
  • Bai Zhi – Alleviates pain 
  • Dang Gui – Reduce swelling and alleviates pain
  • Chi Shao – Reduces swelling and relieves pain 
  • Qiang Huo – Unblocks painful obstruction and relieves pain 
  • Ku Shen – Benefits the skin and used as an antiviral
  • Wu Yao -Promotes the flow of Qi and alleviates pain 
  • Gan Cao – Relieves spasms and alleviates pain 
  • Du Huo – Alleviates pain  
  • Xuan Shen – Aids with swelling 
  • Da Huang – Promotes blood circulation 
  • Liu Zhi – Antibacterial 
  • Dong Qing Oil – Promotes blood flow 

Application Instructions

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Step 1: Remove the clear film and apply to sore area (Do NOT leave on past 8 hours, and DO NOT apply to skin with a lot of hair)

pain patches healing with zen




Step 2: For easy removal of the patches: wet with warm water prior to removal 

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Product Tip: Cut the patch with scissors for a customized fit

How Acupuncture can Help with Pain

Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely fine needles into the skin at specific points along the body’s meridians. The method of Acupuncture helps to relieve pain by releasing endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain-killing chemicals. In addition, Acupuncture can affect the part of the brain that governs serotonin, a brain chemical involved with mood. Click here to read more…

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