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Patient Care Testimonials

Absolutely LOVE working with Zen. She is so thorough, and this is such a well-run practice. She gives you clear guidelines, a treatment plan, and gives you a sense of what to expect -- as well as advice on many things, like how to eat for your body's needs, as well as the option of doing things like ear seeds, cupping, custom herbal remedies et al. She explains everything to you thoroughly, and it's easy to ask questions. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of her care. There are so many little details that anticipate your every need (like, Zen places a little buzzer near your hand before she leaves the room, so that if you need help for any reason, you don't have to move to ask for assistance) I will also say: every other part of the experience is so easy too -- parking, location (right off the 210 Marengo exit) payment options, having your treatment on a table vs. massage chair (both are available), lovely, quiet rooms with ambient music -- and Karina at the front desk is so lovely and helpful! If you want to try acupuncture, and especially if this is your first time, this is absolutely the place to start.

My experience with Zen has been wonderful, she is thoughtful and provides excellent care! I have felt like a valued customer through her attention to detail, insightful questions and taking the time to educate me. I would recommend it her anyone! I have done acupuncture with other providers and have never had this level of care and service. Thank you!

Approximately 4 years ago, I went to Healing with Zen, and right after my first acupuncture treatment with Zen, I felt relief from several of the health concerns I had at the time. At first, I received acupuncture treatments twice/week, and felt much better after each each treatment, and as time went by and many of my concerns were either improved and/or resolved, my treatments went down to once every two weeks, then three weeks and now only once/per month to treat any concerns I might have. Zen is extremely patient,caring and knowledgeable in treating my health concerns. She goes out of her way to answer all my questions, and to make recommendations to help my health in general. Her staff are also very polite and helpful After receiving acupuncture treatment all these years, and feeling so much better, I recommend Zen and her staff to everyone who wants to feel better not only physicall[y, but emotionally. I'm very thankful to Zen and plan on continuing to receive acupuncture treatments at Healing with Zen.

Amazing staff with a comfortable environment. Great knowledge from everyone and exceptional service. I always end up leaving better than I arrived and I can't recommend Krystal enough!

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