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During pregnancy, a woman is providing the best building blocks for her unborn baby. After the 9 months are over however, there is still much care the new mother should do in order to nurture both herself and her new baby. The first 30 to 40 days are considered essential for the mother to take care of her body and mind in order to better care for her newborn infant. This is called the Golden Month or Sitting Month. Women who have made their recovery a priority during this Golden Month have great experiences with fully restored health after their birthing process. They regain energy and vitality that is long-lasting because they allow their body to fully heal.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  has long used many healing practices in order to ensure the best recovery for the mother. Below are some important practices used by women after their birthing process to fully restore their vitality.


1. Diet after birth

After a woman gives birth, diet is used to ensure proper recovery, lactation, and healing. A healthy diet after birth also ensures future fertility as well as an aid to help build blood and energy. Congees are used in TCM after delivery. They are easy to digest and very nourishing. Warm foods such as bone broth are also great for nourishing the body back to full energy and health.

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2. Herbal Formula

Customized herbal formulas will help nurture a new mother’s body back to prime health.  The birthing process takes a lot of energy out of the mother and there is significant blood loss in the process.  Herbal Formulas are essential for the recovery of the qi (or energy) and blood after the birthing process. These custom herbal formulas can also aid in production of milk for the newborn!


3. Acupressure/ Acupuncture

Acupressure and Acupuncture can help with the following issues:

-Postpartum Depression


-Back pain, Hip pain, and Sciatica

-Uterine after pains


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3. Postpartum Depression

Depression after birth is not as uncommon as you think. The dramatic shifts in hormone levels is believed to be one of the main causes. About 14% of new mothers experience postpartum depression. Acupuncture specifically geared toward postpartum depression is showing great results among studies.

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