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Product of the Month: 21-Day Purification

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Feeling sluggish, bloated, or unfocused? Struggling with allergies, itchiness, skin problems, or cravings? Your body may be fighting the effects of toxin buildup.
Given the pollutant-filled world we live in, an essential part of staying healthy is purifying your body. The 21-Day Purification provides two phases of support to your body as it goes through a process of liver, kidney, and colon cleansing. This program, unlike many quick three-day fixes out there, addresses both stages of your liver’s cleaning process, and boosts your own body’s ability to remove toxins with a carefully balanced regimen of whole food supplements made from organic ingredients. This allows your body to both break down and remove the toxins from your body.
While the 21-Day Purification is not a weight loss program, weight loss is a great side effect of the program. Because the purification process focuses on clean eating and not diet restriction, your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and start storing fat. Instead, the focus of the program on a longer process allows you to build healthier habits that will keep going past those 21 days.
Hear what our patients have to say:
“I came to Zen’s acupuncture practice hoping to be prescribed a Standard Process product for my self-diagnosed liver issue.  She gently persuaded me that perhaps we should look deeper and after a physical examination, my liver was not the culprit at all!  Instead, I embarked on a 21-day Standard Process cleanse.  OMG – best decision I ever made.

The program is clearly explained, amazingly well thought out and the support materials are well produced.  I have done many, many diet and weight loss programs over the years, and this is the best, hands down.  The recipes are quick, yummy, and simple to make.
I had tons of energy and never felt hungry.  After 21 days I’m 14 pounds lighter.
I intend to continue to follow the post-purification program.”
-S.O.- 10/27/2017

Watch Zen’s webinar above to learn more about the 21-Day Purification, or ask about the program at your next visit. You can click here to register for the 21-Day Purification.

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If you are an existing patient at Healing with Zen, you can click here to purchase Standard Process products online. For more information about the 21-Day Purification, talk to your acupuncturist. If you are a new patient at Healing with Zen, you can click here to request an initial appointment.



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