Pregnancy & Post-Partum (testimonials)

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Pregnancy and Post-Partum Testimonials

Pregnancy & Post-Partum:

Yelp Review #36– Acupuncture helped greatly with my nausea, back pain and headaches throughout my pregnancy. I continued to go to Healing with Zen post-partum because I was having neck pain from breast feeding and having issues with low milk supply. Healing with Zen offers such a serene and tranquil space for mommies to relax and heal, both physically, mentally and emotionally…because let’s face it, being a mom is tough and sometimes we need to focus on “me” time. I love my acupuncture tune-up sessions whenever I can squeeze them in. I always feel more energized and balanced, and my sleep improves for the next few days. Thank you to the amazing acupuncturists at Healing with Zen! – Debbie L., 2/11/2019 
Yelp Review #20– When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a natural approach to birth and pregnancy. I decided to go to Zhen as a way to deal with common pregnancy issues including my nausea and sleep problems. I felt immediate relief when I started to see her in my first trimester. Then in my second trimester she helped me fight bladder and urinary tract infections without using antibiotics. Zhen is super knowledgeable and effective, not to mention very sweet and personable. I highly recommend her to any pregnant women or just anyone seeking alternative methods for healing. – Velia G. – 11/10/2014 – 
Yelp Review #39– I gave birth to my twin girls earlier this year and shortly after birth, I was experiencing joint pains and discomfort in my lower back.  I came to Healing with Zen for help and boy did she come through for me!
I went in weekly for treatment and after each visit, I can feel my body slowly return back to my old self.  Lower back pain became less and less and my elbow and wrist pains were practically gone.  (I was finally able to open a jar lid!)
Not to mention, during my pregnancy, zen prescribed me a lust of holistic prenatal supplements that I truly believed helped save my life when I experienced complications during birth.
No doubt she is my go-to whenever I experience any body pains and dietary issues.  5-star all the way!!! – Alice H. – 7/31/19
Zen is so incredible and really took the time to meet my needs. She was very professional and was caring about the state I was in. Even though I had never been in to see Zen, I was so thankful I did. We came from out of state and she treated me like I had been a patient for years. Very kind, very educated and worked with the needs I had. If I am ever in California again, I will most certainly see Zen! thank you for all your amazing work! – Kaila M. – 1/18/19

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