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Product of August: Catalyn

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2160catalynEating a diet rich in whole foods is the best way to get your vitamins and maintain health. However, busy lifestyles and the standard American diet can leave us lacking many important nutrients.
Specially formulated supplements made with whole food ingredients can help bridge this nutritional gap. When comparing multivitamins, examine the ingredients. Manmade compounds, found in typical retail multivitamins, provide vitamins and minerals.
But Standard Process goes one step further by delivering these vitamins and minerals through whole food ingredients. For example, Catalyn contains 15 ingredients derived from whole foods, including carrot root. It’s the combination of these foods, not just a single lab-generated chemical component, that provides the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients you need to help maintain optimal health.

Research now suggests that whole foods consumed in the diet provide nutrients in a whole food complex that is more beneficial than regular chemical derived vitamins.

I personally like to get my nutrients from organic foods and meats whenever possible, which is why Catalyn has become a part of my daily regime. My daily vitamin intake include Catalyn, Cod liver oil (discussed last month) and Trace Minerals B12, and together this combinations ensures that I am getting all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients I need for the day.
SP whole food ingredients begin with the whole food and its synergistic cofactors to provide you with a natural, well-balanced nutritional supplement. Catalyn also provides Glandular Support using animal tissues that stimulate the corresponding tissues in humans, enhancing natural cell and tissue repair.
Catalyn provides Phytonutrients (Phytochemicals) which are important nutrients found in plants that help maintain a healthy body. Phytonutrients may provide antioxidant activity, support a healthy immune system response, and support cell-to-cell communication. While many phytonutrients have been identified, their possible functions and actions have yet to be discovered. Some of the best known phytonutrients are the carotenoids, like alpha carotene, beta carotene, and lycopene.
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