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Product of the Month: Allerplex

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Try Allerplex by Standard Process for Natural Allergy Support!

Allerplex by Standard Process Available at Healing with Zen Pasadena for Natural Allergy Relief
Allerplex by Standard Process
Antronex by Standard Process Available at Healing with Zen Pasadena
Antronex by Standard Process
Allergy season can get the best of us, whether it shows up in the form of nasal congestion, a runny nose, itchy dry eyes, or just that “head cold” feeling. Allergies have been especially bad for many of our patients this season, as our weather and environment continue to change due to global warming.
One of our go-to nutritional supplements during allergy season is Allerplex by Standard Process. Allerplex assists with the body’s natural ability to manage mucus movement and supports healthy lung and respiratory function. The supplement, which contains Vitamins A and C, boosts the body’s ability to handle seasonal, environmental, and dietary challenges.
We will often pair this product with Antronex to enhance the body’s liver detoxification function. The liver needs to be able to properly detoxify when there are hyperactive histamine reactions in the body, which happens when we have allergic responses to the environment.
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