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Product of the Month: Boswellia Complex- for Healthy Joints!

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A dietary supplement for healthy joints, circulation, anti-oxidant protection and supporting the body’s ability to rests environmental stressors


Boswellia extract, which is also known as Indian Frankincense, is most commonly used to reduce inflammation in the body


It is able to have such amazing results due to the multiple ingredients that are able to target specific areas in the body:


  • Celery Seed is used in a condensed form for muscles and joint aches and has been shown to reduce pain in the body in studies


  • Ginger has been shown to help support healthy digestion as well as has anti-inflammatory properties


  • Turmeric is a commonly known and accepted spice for its anti-inflammatory properties


How it works: Bowellia Complex exhibits pain-relieving properties. The ingredients of the products are effective natural anti-inflammatory supplements that are able to improve the blood flow to the joints, which results in better functionality of the affected areas.


“Boswellia Complex:

  • support the normal function of the kidneys

  • maintain and support healthy joints

  • support healthy circulation

  • provide antioxidant activity*”  – Standard Process


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Make sure to always consult a doctor or your acupuncturist before adding supplements into your diet to ensure that you are taking the correct amounts and types of supplements!

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