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Qi Gong for Lung & Immune Support

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Qi gong for lung & immune support

Gi Gong for Lungs

Have You Ever Practiced Qi Gong? Did You Know Qi Gong Could Be Used To

Strengthen Your Immune System as Well as Your Lungs

Since the lungs are so closely related to breath. Breath is the first sign of energy to enter our bodies Chinese medicine focuses on practices to strengthen the lungs’ ability to take in oxygen. Qigong is one of those practices. In TCM one can determine a person’s lung energy by their physical energy. When the lungs are healthy, a person is physically strong, their immunity is strong, recovery from illness is quick and effective, skin is hydrated, and their complexion is bright and fresh. If lung health is weak, the person may feel less energetic, appear pallid, and their immune system will be weak. Click here to read more

During this time it is important to boost your immune system so it has a better chance of fighting off viruses that commonly circulate during the winter months. read through our quick guide to herbs for lung & immune system boosting!

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Dealing with ear, nose, and throat issues can be difficult and it’s important to learn about these issues in order to help combat them! Check out our blog post.

The Power of Body Movement & Exercises

Our Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist Andrea Valencia teaches us the importance of body movements and stretches!

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