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Qi Gong for Stress Relief

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Qi Gong for Stress Reduction

Qigong is one of the five branches of traditional Chinese medicine that promote mental health, stress reduction, and positive mood. It is a practice that looks similar to tai chi, but is easier to learn, and more focused on building your health and wellness. There are many styles of Qi Gong such as and they are all wonderful and great for keeping our bodies’ stress levels in check! Qi Gong is about finding a style of gentle movements, deep breathing, and mindfulness that works best for you, depending on what you need. Feeling stressed? Try the routine below with Zen!

Qigong involves a combination of movements, including:

  1. Movement of body – physical movement of your body and limbs
  2. Movement of breath – deep, mindful breathing
  3. Movement of mind – focusing your mind on different parts of your body

“When the breath, mind, and body are working together in synergy, with fluid, slow movements, dynamic stretches, coordinated rhythmic breathing, and specifically aligned postures, then we can harness the flow of our Qi—our vital energy.” - Nick Loffree (Qi Gong Master)

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