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Electroacupuncture 89.6% Effective in Reducing Tinnitus

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If you’re suffering from the effects of tinnitus, electroacupuncture could offer relief. New research showed a 89.6% effective rate when electrostimulation was used in acupuncture treatments to reduce tinnitus.

Acupuncture can ease pain of tinnitus sufferers
Tinnitus sufferers know all too well the irritating, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful effects of this disorder. The persistent ringing can seriously interfere with day-to-day life. Fortunately, a number of recent studies show that acupuncture can significantly reduce tinnitus. Both traditional acupuncture and electroacupuncture, which involves using electrostimulation at acupuncture points, were shown to be effective in reducing symptoms.
Acupuncture works on tinnitus in a number of ways. First of all, the view of traditional Chinese medicine is that tinnitus can stem from meridian imbalances, in particular gallbladder excess or kidney deficiency. These can lead to blockages which create symptoms in the ear. Through acupuncture, patients can balance their qi throughout the meridians and fix these imbalances.
Another way acupuncture can help is by reducing stress. Many patients report that stress plays a significant role in their tinnitus symptoms, and notice worsening symptoms when stress is high. Because acupuncture is extremely effective in reducing stress, it can help patients ease tinnitus symptoms greatly. This can lead to benefits with other health concerns as well.
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