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Seasonal Allergies in the Springtime

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Allergies are not all one and the same. According to Chinese Medicine, allergies can come from deficiencies in several organs including the Liver and Lungs. For example, if you predominantly have sinus issues then the root may lie in treating your Lung. If you are having issues with dry or red eyes, this is a symptom that points towards an imbalance in your Liver. The time of year in which the allergies most commonly occur also give a clue towards what the root cause of the issue is. Springtime allergies point towards a Liver imbalance with symptoms that also include Lung imbalance and Fall allergies point towards an imbalance in the Lungs.

A very important part of treating allergic symptoms is through a balanced diet. It is important to warm the internal cold that is causing the weak function of the immune system. Keep intake of cold foods at a minimum and make it a regular habit to drink ginger and/or cinnamon tea while also incorporating them into your diet through food. It is also important to eat warm foods that boost the function of the organ that is affected by the allergies. It is key to incorporate Liver boosting foods into your diet such as salmon, eggplant, and broccoli as well as Lung boosting foods such as pear and chickpeas.

Lastly, it is important to consult with your acupuncturist to determine a treatment plan that includes custom herbs and acupuncture tailor made for your specific root cause, as these two treatments will effectively alleviate the symptoms suffered from long-term allergies. In the upcoming posts for this month, we will be covering effective herbs that are usually included in formulas that treat allergy and cold symptoms as well as acupressure points to alleviate symptoms associated with allergies and colds.


Find out more by watching this video of Acupuncturist Vanessa Ho demonstrating facial acupressure techniques to alleviate allergy and cold symptoms.



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