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Ear Seeds

Ear seeds are used as a form of acupressure to treat a variety of health ailments, including stress & fatigue, chronic or acute pain, digestive issues, weight loss and anxiety. Apply the seeds on specific pressure points to treat your ailments.

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What can Ear Seeds heal?

Chronic Pain


Insomnia & Sleep Issues




Weight Loss




Ear Seeds are a non-invasive, safe and effective tool used to stimulate acupressure points in the ear. Ear seeds consist of tiny vaccaria seeds, beads or pellets on a sticker that can be affixed to specific acupressure points in the ear. These acupressure points can treat just about any health condition. Our patients often ask for earseeds to combat aches and pains, manage stress and anxiety, assist with digestive disorders or hormonal imbalances, and even stimulate weight loss! 
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Ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy) has been used for centuries as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but was studied more extensively in the 1950’s by a French neurologist named Paul Nogier. Since then, studies have documented specific points on the ear that correspond to every part of the body!  
In the 1980’s, ear acupuncture was popularized for treating many types of addictions, everything from drugs to smoking, eating disorders and gambling. Today, we use ear seeds as a great tool to enhance and prolong results from our patient’s acupuncture treatments.

Because the points in the ears can correspond to every body part and organ, ear seeds can be used to treat almost any ailment! Alleviate your muscle aches, melt your stress away and feel better by trying ear seeds! 

Absolutely! Everyone can benefit from ear seeds! Because of it’s gentle and non-invasive nature, we often use this modality on kids and those who may be sensitive to acupuncture needles.

Besides some tenderness upon pressure of the ear seeds, there are no risks or side effects. The tenderness of certain points actually means that you are on the correct point and that it’s working! As your body re-adjusts and balances out, you’ll notice the points are less tender. Your acupuncturist will go over care instructions during your visit.

Usually they stay on for about 3-5 days and fall off on their own. You can exercise, sleep, shower and do all daily tasks with them. If they become bothersome, you can always easily remove them yourself. 

We offer ear seed treatments at our office with a licensed acupuncturist who can better diagnose your issues and locate the most effective acupressure points to target your specific health concern for $55. Sometimes the acupressure point locations can be difficult to locate yourself! Here are some great earseed kits you can attempt at home, and the cost varies depending on the type of seeds that you choose. Prices for ear seeds start at $24.99, go up to $48 for silver or gold, and $68 for Swarovski options. 


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