Strengthen your diet with whole food nutritional supplements filled with naturally occurring nutrients intrinsic to their original source.

Benefits of adding whole food nutritional supplements into your daily intake:

  • Provides essential fiber. Fiber can help manage certain disease and can help manage constipation issues.
  • Provides a greater nutrition. Whole food nutritional supplements are complex and they provide your body with the necessary nutrients for it to function properly and more effectively.
  • Helps ensure you are getting the necessary nutrients in a day.
  • Can help manage & prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, & early death.



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Have you ever heard of Custom Herbal Therapy?

Herbal Therapy involves the use of individual herbs, or more often, a combination of herbs, as a treatment for symptoms or as a preventative medicine. Herbal therapy has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine to help patients with a wide variety of health issues.

At Healing with Zen, our Herbalists customize a formulation of herbs to address & target your health concerns, specifically tailored to your needs!

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