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Detox your body with

SP Detox Balance Powder


Toxins are everywhere!

They are in the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink, and the products you touch. Exposure to these toxins can overburden your system’s natural ability to detoxify! This can contribute to fatigue or difficulty sleeping, indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset, food cravings and weight gain, reduced mental clarity, low libido, skin issues and joint discomfort.

This is why at healing with Zen we offer two purification programs: A 10-day program and a 28-day program depending on your needs. You will drink one, two or three, delicious, nutrient-packed SP Detox balance shakes a day.

SP Detox balance has many benefits:

  • it supports the body’s natural metabolic detoxification processes
  • it is a rich source of protein (17g per serving)
  • it contains protein from pea isolates, pumpkin concentrate, oat flour and buckwheat flour
  • it provides amino acids required for conjugation enzymes (phase II enzymes)
  • it is a good source of dietary fiber
  • it supports the body’s natural toxin elimination function
  • it is a good source of plant-based magnesium
  • it is gluten-free and vegan

The two programs are not meal-replacement plans, and you are able to eat as much as you’d like within certain food parameters. To learn more, schedule a consultation today!

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