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Study Shows Success of Acupuncture for Fertility

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Did you know April 23-29 is National Infertility Awareness Week? For a proven, safe, and holistic approach to improving fertility, add acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to your treatment plan.

Boost reproductive health with acupuncture for fertility

Looking for natural alternatives to the risks and side effects of fertility drugs? Try acupuncture for fertility. A recent Tel Aviv University study showed a 26% boost in conception rates when acupuncture and herbal treatments were used alongside IUI treatments. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can help improve blood flow, enhance endorphin production, ease stress, and balance the body’s natural energy—all things promoting reproductive health. Fertility issues can be caused by blockages in your qi, or the natural energy that flows through your body. Unlike other treatments, traditional Chinese medicine addresses this issue directly, looking not just at the reproductive system but at the whole body to ensure all systems are balanced and functioning together.
A TCM approach can improve fertility in both women and men, something Western fertility drugs struggle to do. Reports show success in herbal remedies for male infertility, allowing for both partners in a couple to be treated, thus further improving the likelihood of conception. In both men and women, acupuncture and herbal remedies offer a demonstrated improvement in fertility without all the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. This holistic treatment also has the added benefit of naturally reducing stress in both partners.
For more information about acupuncture for fertility, read the full article here.
To add acupuncture and TCM to your fertility treatment plan, book an appointment at Healing with Zen. Our practitioners Zen Tuan, L.Ac and Katherine McCure, L.Ac specialize in women’s health and fertility and take pride in helping patients with a natural, safe approach to fertility treatment. We offer acupuncture, cupping, herbal remedies, and other traditional Chinese medicine modalities that can rebalance your energy, decrease your stress, and boost your fertility to help you reach the results you are looking for.

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