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Sweet Potato in TCM

Sweet Potato for TCM

Sweet Potato Benefits

Sweet potatoes in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) are good for healthy digestion. Properties of the sweet potato are represented within the color, taste, and how it grows. The color of a sweet potato is yellow and orange, thus is related to our spleen and stomach organs. These organs are  in charge of absorbing our nutrients and also our digestion. The taste is sweet which has the property to tonify, harmonize, and moisten. Lastly, since the sweet potato is a slow growing root vegetable, it is considered a part of the Earth element. According to TCM, the Earth Element is also related to the Stomach and Spleen. Other benefits of eating sweet potatoes is that it can also help with joint lubrication to alleviate stiffness, and help increase energy and boost the immune system.

Even the timing of when you eat sweet potato is beneficial! Late Summer is the time when the Stomach and Spleen’s energy is dominant. Click here to read more…

From a Western Perspective, the sweet potato is beneficial for our bodies since they contain Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A), Vitamin’s E and C, Vitamin B6 which helps with the flow of blood, can help regulate sugar, and they are also rich in fiber which makes them a great digestive aid. Want to learn more about the vitamins in sweet potatoes? Click here 

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