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About our acupuncture clinic in Pasadena

What Makes Our Clinic Special? We’re passionate about empowering you to achieve optimal health and well-being, and we strive to create a unique and exceptional experience for every patient. In this blog-post, we unveil some of the things that set our acupuncture clinic in Pasadena apart. Personalized care  Our specialties  Our team  Our approach  Our Services Welcome to Healing with Zen, your acupuncture clinic in Pasadena, CA! Watch these videos to learn more about us! Personalized Care You Can’t Find …

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Skin & Digestive Health

Skin & Digestive Health TCM Theory For SKin & Digestion Health Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help multiple health ailments, including Skin and Digestive problems. As we all know, TCM and Acupuncture aim to treat the root cause of any health concern that our patients have. What we find clinically is that digestion issues often show up on our faces as redness, acne, and rosacea. The Chinese Medicine diagnosis for this pattern is called Stomach Heat. Patients may have accompanying …

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Acupuncture & TCM for Stroke Symptoms

Acupuncture & TCM for Stroke Symptoms Clinical trials show that acupuncture has a positive effect on stroke symptoms. Not only for post-stroke rehabilitation, but also as a preventive strategy. This could create cerebral ischemic tolerance, especially when it’s combined with electrotherapy as electroacupuncture. TCM & Acupuncture for Post Stroke Symptoms Stoke symptoms include: Weakness Paralysis Problems with balance or coordination Pain Numbness, burning and/or tingling sensations. Fatigue Acupuncture can help with weakness, rigidity, and pain of the muscles. It is …

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Case Study On Pregnancy Symptoms

Case Study on Pregnancy Symptoms Pregnancy Symptoms & Medical History A 35 year old female came into our office with pregnancy related symptoms at 37 weeks pregnant. Symptoms: Sharp pelvic pain (difficulty walking), pain level 7 out of 10 Neck stiffness described as dull pain, pain level 4/10 Swollen ankles Anxiety about pregnancy, brain fog. Stress level – 7/10 Heartburns throughout the day Fatigue Energy level 4/10. Patient also presented with: TMJ (temporomandibular joint pain)- since high school. Pain occurs …

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Vitality Tea

Vitality Tea Our new Vitality Tea is made with Goji Berries, Jujubes, and Longan fruit.  This Fruity medley helps increase your overall health and well being. Drinking a cup of tea in the morning can be a great start to kick off your day!  Read below to learn more about these ingredients and see their amazing benefits.  Ingredients In Our New Tea Goji Berries: Tonic Fruit = Tonify the Qi Benefits:   Full of Antioxidants  Increases Metabolism  Can Help to reduce …

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Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Acupunture for back, neck, & shoulder pain How Does Acupuncture Relieve Pain? Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years for pain relief. From the Eastern Medical point of view acupuncture works to relieve pain by inserting fine needles into specific points along the bodies meridians, to promote the flow of Qi. The meridians are also known as pathways that map out the body, these meridian lines show the superficial pathway of each organ. With years of studying, …

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Your Liver’s Impact on your Mental health

Your liver’s impact on your mental health In Chinese Medicine each organ had its own function and affect on out mental health. The liver is responsible for keeping the smooth flow of Qi and blood. Thus, allowing there to be more circulation in the body to prevent any build up of tension. If the liver isn’t functioning properly it can lead to stagnation (blockage) causing tension to arise and build up. This also results in causing not only emotional …

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Lump in Throat

Lump in Throat Case Study Often times, patients visit us for stress relief. Stress sometimes manifests in many physical or emotional symptoms. For many of our patients, we’ve been hearing a “lump in their throat” sensation.  Some people describe it as a gasping for air feeling, blockage in the throat, or a throat knot. It’s the feeling that you are forced to swallow even if you don’t want to or there is nothing to swallow. If your lump in the throat feeling is …

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Vertigo & Dizziness Case Study

Vertigo And Dizziness Treated by Balance Method Acupunture Did you know that vertigo, dizziness and balance-related conditions are among the most common health problems in adults? Nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults experience vertigo at least once in their lifetime. It can occur because of a problem with the body’s vestibular system, which includes structures of the inner ear, vestibular nerve, brain stem and cerebellum. This system regulates balance, posture and the body’s orientation in space. In the video below, Zen explains how she was …

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Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture Testimonials I had an amazing experiment at Healing With Zen. Zen and Vanessa were so helpful in explaining the process of acupuncture to me since it was my first time. I instantly felt so comfortable as they walked me though the process. The facial acupuncture I received was AMAZING! During the session I felt so relaxed. I had been struggling with sleep issues for months now and after my session I went right to sleep! I slept for …

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