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Acupuncture for Pain man

Neck pain & Numbness In Toes/Feet (neuropathy)

Case Study: Neck Pain & Numbness In Toes/Feet 57 year old male was struggling with right side neck pain for 2 months when he came to our office. Backward flexion is impaired. He has gotten massages and received numerous chiropractic adjustments, which only provides relief for 2-3 days. Patient has not incurred any injury to the neck. The pain affects his sleep. Neck and shoulder tension level 6/10 and pain is constant. Pain and tightness radiates into the chest and …

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Neck Pain & Numbness Down The Arm | Acupuncture Case Study

Treating Neck pain & Numbness down the arm with Acupuncture 45-year old female patient came into our office with severe neck pain, along with a shooting pain down her right arm & numbness of fingers after a concussion. Hear our patient’s testimonial about how Balance Method acupuncture improved her severe neck pain & arm numbness, in only a 6 week time span! Acupuncture can also help with many other issues such as anxiety & addiction. To watch more videos of …

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Neck Tension & Low Back Pain Relief using Balance Method Acupuncture

Treating Neck Pain and Low back pain using Acupuncture A 36-year old female came in with neck/shoulder tension and low back pain. Her symptoms seemed to have been aggravated with stress. Hear her testimonial after just one Balance Method acupuncture treatment!Even though Balance Method is very effective for pain relief, it can be used for numerous health issues, ranging from digestive complaints, migraines, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, stress relief and more.This patient was treated by Zen Tuan, …

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