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Fertility & Hormonal Imbalance

Fertility and Hormonal Imbalance I started seeing Zen in August 2015 to assist with some fertility issues. I thought of myself as a relatively healthy person – or at least I didn’t complain much. I have come to realize that many of the ailments I accepted as a part of my “modern lifestyle” were not things I actually had to live with – they could be fixed! In addition to fertility problems/hormonal imbalances, I had the following symptoms: insomnia, occasional …

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Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnancy & Postpartum Testimonials Acupuncture helped greatly with my nausea, back pain and headaches throughout my pregnancy. I continued to go to Healing with Zen post-partum because I was having neck pain from breast feeding and having issues with low milk supply. Healing with Zen offers such a serene and tranquil space for mommies to relax and heal, both physically, mentally and emotionally…because let’s face it, being a mom is tough and sometimes we need to focus on “me” time. …

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ovarian cysts treatment

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cysts After western doctors had told me that they could do nothing about my consistent pain from ovarian cysts, I scoured yelp for a trustworthy acupuncturist and found Zen. I had had success treating ailments this way in the past, and this experience has been different only in the way that it really feels like a treatment. Zen is very calm and organized, and is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. She answers my myriad of questions very kindly, and has …

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Acupuncture for Fertility – Case Study

Licensed Acupuncturist Zen Tuan discusses a case study about couple who came for acupuncture treatments for fertility. After meeting with both the female and the man, she determined the problematic issues and prescribed a course of treatment.  Within 12 months, the couple was pregnant with their first child, and after another round of treatments, twin siblings were added to the family. If you are having issues with Fertility, schedule an appointment with Zen today. TESTIMONIALS: Yelp Review #27-  I started seeing Zen …

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Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy

  Sometimes, starting a family can be easy. Sometimes, it can be very difficult. For all points along this spectrum, acupuncture can be of great assistance.   The first step to a healthy pregnancy is having a regular menstrual cycle. Unusual pain, spotting, and sporadic flow are signs that something is out of balance in the body, and this can make it heartbreakingly difficult to conceive. To make it even more confusing, gradients of these same symptoms can have no …

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Healing Modalities: Moxibustion

With the rise of infertility, there has been an increased use and interest in acupuncture to improve fertility. Along with acupuncture and herbs, moxibustion is often used during the treatment process for several symptoms not limited to just infertility. Watch our video in which licensed Acupuncturist Zen Tuan explains and demonstrates what Moxa is all about. For those who have never heard of moxibustion, it is the practice of burning Mugwort to promote healing and it can be done in 3 different …

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