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Qi Gong Movement – Monkey Serving Banana

QI Gong Movement- monkey serving banana In this video our Founder and licensed acupuncturist Zen demonstrates a Qi gong movement that represents the art of giving and receiving. She expressed that the forward motion of this movement reminds her of the need to help others, to serve others, to offer love and support to those who are in need of it. Also the backwards motion of this movement is to symbolize being able to receive from those who you love …

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Open Heart Stretch

A Heart Opening Stretch If you’ve been to even just a few yoga classes, you’ve probably heard the term “heart opener.” This term, though often used to describe back-bending, chest-opening postures, actually digs much deeper than that. Heart opening in Traditional Chinese Medicine can happen through posture, breath, or meditation – and affects not just the physical structure of the chest (bone and muscle) where the heart resides, but the energetic and emotional capacity (love, compassion, gratitude, to name a few) of ourselves as well. …

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