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IRREGULAR CYCLES treated by acupuncture

Dealing with Irregular Cycles?

Do you have irregular cycles? According to Chinese Medicine, this means the body is out of balance. Irregular cycles and things to look out for: Chinese Medicine deems a normal menstrual cycle to be between 24-35 days, with an average of 28 days. The duration of menses should be between 3-7 days, with 30-50ml of normal menstrual bleeding. In addition to the cycle length and amount, Chinese medicine believes normal menses should be: red in color, not too dark or light; the flow should …

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acupressure points for irregular menses

Acupressure Points for Irregular Menses

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to promote healing and balance. While it’s important to consult with one of our licensed acupuncturists for personalized guidance, here are a few acupressure points that are believed to be helpful for irregular menses: Spleen 6 (SP6) or San Yin Jiao: Located about four finger widths above the inner ankle bone on the backside of the shin. Apply gentle pressure with your thumb …

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Acupuncture and Herbs Outperform Hormones for Menstrual Irregularity

Acupuncture and herbs outperform hormones for menstrual irregularity The results of a new study suggest that a treatment of acupuncture and custom herbs offer significantly greater relief from menstrual irregularity and its associated symptoms when compared with conventional hormonal treatments.   In a study performed at the People’s Hospital of Zhangwu County (Liaoning) a combination of herbs and acupuncture outperformed hormone therapy for a group of 100 women with irregular menstrual cycles.   The women, aged 21 to 39, had …

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Healing Modalities: Moxibustion

With the rise of infertility, there has been an increased use and interest in acupuncture to improve fertility. Along with acupuncture and herbs, moxibustion is often used during the treatment process for several symptoms not limited to just infertility. Watch our video in which licensed Acupuncturist Zen Tuan explains and demonstrates what Moxa is all about. For those who have never heard of moxibustion, it is the practice of burning Mugwort to promote healing and it can be done in 3 different …

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Acne in regards to Stress, Hormones, and Menstruation

Acne In Regards To Stress, Hormones, & Menstruation In Part 2 of our Acne Series, we are tackling the issue of acne with its cause rooted in hormonal changes with stress and menstruation. This is an incredibly common issue among teenagers but also women entering their 20s and 30s. This correlates to the face mapping technique that we use in Chinese Medicine. The technique would cover the acne-prone areas around the mouth as well as along the sides of the …

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Acupuncture Offers Natural Menstrual Pain Relief

acupuncture offers natural menstrual pain relief Stop popping pills to ease painful periods, acupuncture offers natural mensural pain relief! A recent clinical trial showed acupuncture and moxibustion provided better outcomes to patients than the use of ibuprofen. The study looked at results taken over three menstrual cycles in both the acupuncture group and the ibuprofen group, with the final results showing that the acupuncture-receiving group had a total effectiveness rate of 96.8%, whereas the ibuprofen group only experienced 58.1% treatment …

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