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pregnancy related migraines headaches

Pregnancy Related Migraines & Headaches

Treating Pregnancy Related Migraines & Headaches Pregnancy-related migraines and headaches can be debilitating, but worry not! Our experienced acupuncturists specialize in providing gentle and natural relief specifically tailored for expecting mothers. Acupuncture offers a holistic approach that addresses the root causes of your discomfort, providing you with the relief you deserve. If you or anyone you know is pregnant, please forward this message to them!   Here’s why acupuncture is an excellent choice for managing migraines and headaches during pregnancy: 1. Drug-free and safe: As an expectant …

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Healing with Zen, Acupuncturist & Herbalist serving Pasadena, Arcadia, San Marino, Sierra Madre and the San Gabriel Valley, dizziness

Vertigo & Dizziness Case Study

Vertigo And Dizziness Treated by Balance Method Acupunture Did you know that vertigo, dizziness and balance-related conditions are among the most common health problems in adults? Nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults experience vertigo at least once in their lifetime. It can occur because of a problem with the body’s vestibular system, which includes structures of the inner ear, vestibular nerve, brain stem and cerebellum. This system regulates balance, posture and the body’s orientation in space. In the video below, Zen explains how she was …

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Acupressure for Headaches and Sinus Issues

Acupressure Tips for Headaches and Sinus Issues Learn an easy acupressure points that you can use at home to help soothe headaches, migraine, and allergy symptoms from Zen! These can be done anytime, anywhere – which makes this video especially helpful for anyone suffering right now. Ear Seeds Ear seeds are an effective, noninvasive treatment that you can utilize between treatments. They consist of tiny vaccaria seeds, beads or pellets on a sticker that can be affixed to specific acupressure points in the ear. …

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Migraines I met Vanessa and Zen at a Lather event to introduce alternative Eastern medicine for facial care.  I signed up for an assessment and initial acupuncture treatment to address a lifelong issue of frequent migraines and sleeping issues related to my age.  I have now undergone approx. 12 treatments and have been relatively migraine-free for the first time in my life.  In addition, I have been receiving the facial acupuncture treatments that have evened out my skin tone, provided …

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Help Sheet: Headache Pain

Acupuncture for Headache Pain How Acupuncture Helps Migraines may occur due to stress and/or muscle tension. Acupuncture helps by disrupting these trigger points in muscles. As a result, promoting muscle relaxation and decreasing migraine or headache symptoms. Acupuncture also helps stimulate the release of the body’s natural hormones and chemicals. Specifically endorphins, one of the main chemicals of the body and its’ natural pain killer.  Physiologically acupuncture increases circulation, decreases inflammation, relieves pain and muscle spasms and increases T-cell count. Therefore, stimulating …

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