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Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnancy & Postpartum Testimonials Acupuncture helped greatly with my nausea, back pain and headaches throughout my pregnancy. I continued to go to Healing with Zen post-partum because I was having neck pain from breast feeding and having issues with low milk supply. Healing with Zen offers such a serene and tranquil space for mommies to relax and heal, both physically, mentally and emotionally…because let’s face it, being a mom is tough and sometimes we need to focus on “me” time. …

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Learn How Acupressure Can Help with Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding issues are not uncommon but can be very stressful and uncomfortable to new mothers. Acupressure can provide a natural way to address issues like low milk supply or clogged ducts. Though new motherhood is an incredibly special experience, the postpartum period can also come with some difficult health concerns, including lactation issues. Breastfeeding mothers can struggle with a range of issues like low milk supply, plugged ducts, and soreness. If you’re a new mother looking for relief from some of those …

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Postpartum Care and TCM

READ OUR TESTIMONIALS WITH TREATING POST-PARTUM PATIENTS BY CLICKING HERE!  Chinese Medicine’s Postpartum Care READ OUR TESTIMONIALS WITH TREATING POST-PARTUM PATIENTS BY CLICKING HERE!    During pregnancy, a woman is providing the best building blocks for her unborn baby. After the 9 months are over however, there is still much care the new mother should do in order to nurture both herself and her new baby. The first 30 to 40 days are considered essential for the mother to take …

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