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Back Pain Relief with Qi Gong

Relieve Your Lower Back Pain With this qi gong movement Did You Know That The Practice of Qi Gong Is More Than 4,000 Years Old and Can Help Relieve Your Back Pain?  The translation of Qi Gong is “energy work.”  While performing Qi Gong  harness willpower, to focus.  The principle of this practice is with the coordination of the eyes with the body movements, the focus of the mind, and the breath. With Qi Gong you can bring harmony to …

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Open Heart Stretch

A Heart Opening Stretch If you’ve been to even just a few yoga classes, you’ve probably heard the term “heart opener.” This term, though often used to describe back-bending, chest-opening postures, actually digs much deeper than that. Heart opening in Traditional Chinese Medicine can happen through posture, breath, or meditation – and affects not just the physical structure of the chest (bone and muscle) where the heart resides, but the energetic and emotional capacity (love, compassion, gratitude, to name a few) of ourselves as well. …

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