tinnitus findings and case studies

Tinnitus: Findings and Case Studies

Over the past few months, I have noticed an influx of patients who have come in with tinnitus, either as their main complaint or as a lingering symptom in addition to their primary health concern. Today, I want to discuss some of my findings and case studies with you. Interestingly enough, many of these cases seem to have worsened after getting Covid-19 or the Covid-19 vaccine. While there is no clinical evidence that directly correlates Covid-19 to tinnitus, I am …

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TMJ, Headaches, Low back pain and Anxiety

Case study on TMJ, headaches, low back pain, and anxiety 30 year old female returns to our office 1 year and 1 month after previous treatment she received for TMJ, Jaw pain, headaches and anxiety. All her symptoms were managed for almost a full year. Jaw tension- Worse in the mornings.  Tension level 3/10, worse on left side but bilateral. “Clicking” sensation when eating food. Temporal headaches – usually at least 1x/week.  Headaches came back 3 months after previous treatment course. Previous …

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TMJ, Ear pain and Tinnitus

case study of patient with TMJ, ear pain, & tinnitus Case Study 21 year old female came in for right jaw pain leading to headache. Situation started with left jaw pain 4/18/19 (8 days prior), severe pain level 10/10, she woke up with it and went to doctor who said it was TMJ. She was prescribed muscle relaxants and ibuprofen which did not help much. Left jaw pain dissipated 4/16/19, but then right jaw pain started 4/21/19 and pain level …

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