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Testimonial: Acupuncture for fatigue

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Testimonial: Acupuncture For Fatigue

Yelp Review:

I have been seeing Krystal at Healing with Zen for a couple of months now, and she has really helped improve my symptoms:
  • Fatigue – I’m not napping nearly as much as I used to and feel refreshed throughout the day, even when under stress.
  • Back pain – Acupuncture combined with cupping really relieves my upper back pain and I’ve noticed improved posture.
  • Jaw tightness – Feel some relief from this with treatments.
  • Bloating – have only had one treatment that addressed this issue but absolutely saw some improvement.
Krystal really listens to me and addresses my issues with kindness and a sense of humanity and humor. I am happy I can continue seeing her on my wellness journey.
-Penina F

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