Pregnancy & Post-Partum 

Acupuncture helped greatly with my nausea, back pain and headaches throughout my pregnancy. I continued to go to Healing with Zen post-partum because I was having neck pain from breast feeding and having issues with low milk supply. Healing with Zen offers such a serene and tranquil space for mommies to relax and heal, both physically, mentally and emotionally…because let’s face it, being a mom is tough and sometimes we need to focus on “me” time. I love my acupuncture tune-up sessions whenever I can squeeze them in. I always feel more energized and balanced, and my sleep improves for the next few days. Thank you to the amazing acupuncturists at Healing with Zen! – Debbie L.,  2/11/2019 

When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a natural approach to birth and pregnancy. I decided to go to Zhen as a way to deal with common pregnancy issues including my nausea and sleep problems. I felt immediate relief when I started to see her in my first trimester. Then in my second trimester she helped me fight bladder and urinary tract infections without using antibiotics. Zhen is super knowledgable and effective, not to mention very sweet and personable. I highly recommend her to any pregnant women or just anyone seeking alternative methods for healing. – Velia G. – 11/10/2014

Oh.My. Serenity. I came here after my acupuncturist didn’t show up to my fertility clinic and they were able to squeeze me in, twice! Zen is so incredible and really took the time to meet my needs. She was very professional and was caring about the state I was in. Even though I had never been in to see Zen, I was so thankful I did. We came from out of state and she treated me like I had been a patient for years. Very kind, very educated and worked with the needs I had. If I am ever in California again, I will most certainly see Zen! thank you for all your amazing work! – Kaila M. – 1/18/19

I gave birth to my twin girls earlier this year and shortly after birth, I was experiencing joint pains and discomfort in my lower back.  I came to Healing with Zen for help and boy did she come through for me!
I went in weekly for treatment and after each visit, I can feel my body slowly return back to my old self.  Lower back pain became less and less and my elbow and wrist pains were practically gone.  (I was finally able to open a jar lid!)
Not to mention, during my pregnancy, zen prescribed me a lust of holistic prenatal supplements that I truly believed helped save my life when I experienced complications during birth.
No doubt she is my go-to whenever I experience any body pains and dietary issues.  5-star all the way!!!  – Alice H. – 8/1/19- Yelp Review #39

Fertility & Hormonal Imbalance 

I started seeing Zen in August 2015 to assist with some fertility issues. I thought of myself as a relatively healthy person – or at least I didn’t complain much. I have come to realize that many of the ailments I accepted as a part of my “modern lifestyle” were not things I actually had to live with – they could be fixed! In addition to fertility problems/hormonal imbalances, I had the following symptoms: insomnia, occasional bloating or upset stomach, swelling, poor circulation, neck and back pain, mild headaches, and anxiety.

After about 6 months, I’d say my overall health has improved at least 75%.This was my first experience outside of Western medicine and I am so amazed. I sleep soundly most nights, rarely struggle with bloating of any kind, my neck and back pain is managed to a degree that my trips to the chiropractor are few and far between, I feel a greater sense of calm and – most importantly to me – my hormones are finally getting under control.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Zen. She is attentive and detailed without EVER being pushy or overbearing. She is completely upfront about any charges well in advance so you never feel like she is “pulling a fast one on you.” She listens so well, remembers every conversation and takes copious notes, and really feels invested in my health and well being. She is sweet and kind and so good at her job. I’ve gone for weekly sessions and have been taking her custom herb blend and I feel like I’m really making progress in so many ways.
I can’t recommend her strongly enough.

UPDATE: 4/19/17

I am now 39 weeks pregnant! Zen and her associate, Katherine, are truly incredible and I can’t say enough about their thoughtful care and personal investment in my health. My husband ended up trying acupuncture out for a couple of months with them and there is no doubt in my mind that it was the missing piece that finally allowed us to get pregnant after years of trying. Zen and Katherine cared for me weekly through my first trimester and have been helpful in keeping me “tuned up” as the second and third trimesters have been underway. I’ve had a very enjoyable pregnancy and I know it’s due to them.
If you’ve tried doctors and specialists for any sort of chronic issue (digestive, sleep, hormonal – anything!) and have only been met with more prescriptions or blank stares, I urge you to give acupuncture a try. – Victoria S. – 4/19/2017

After western doctors had told me that they could do nothing about my consistent pain from ovarian cysts, i scoured yelp for a trustworthy acupuncturist and found Zen. I had had success treating ailments this way in the past, and this experience has been different only in the way that it really feels like a treatment. Zen is very calm and organized, and is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. She answers my myriad of questions very kindly, and has been able to inform me along the way about what she’s noticing about my healing process and lifestyle. Needless to say, my condition has greatly improved and Zen’s attentiveness, needles and herbs have really balanced me! I highly recommend. – Elizabeth C. – 1/9/2016


I met Vanessa and Zen at a Lather event to introduce alternative Eastern medicine for facial care.  I signed up for an assessment and initial acupuncture treatment to address a lifelong issue of frequent migraines and sleeping issues related to my age.  I have now undergone approx. 12 treatments and have been relatively migraine-free for the first time in my life.  In addition, I have been receiving the facial acupuncture treatments which have evened out my skin tone, provided a “lift” to a drooping eyelid, and seem to have generated more collagen and elasticity to my skin. I love Vanessa and her demeanor. She is genuinely interested in your state of health and helping to alleviate any symptoms.  I’ve also been astounded at the state of relaxation I fall into during the treatment. I recommend Healing with Zen and Vanessa Ho to anyone interested in trying this option. – Janet S. – 12/5/2018

Sinus problems

Zen is an extremely knowledgable, effective, and attentive acupuncturist. I saw her recently because of a persistent cough and sinus headache. Within one hour of our appointment, my sinus pressure went away. My lungs felt much more open and the cough lessened. Because my insurance allows for partial reimbursement, I found that her prices are extremely reasonable and comparable to other acupuncturists (who are not nearly as thorough as Zen).
For those who are intimidated by needles: Zen uses a technique that makes the process almost painless. Of course, a few that were inserted into the face hurt for half a second, but it was nothing terrible. All in all, this was a great experience and I will definitely be returning. – Kellye N. – 2/19/2014


About a month ago, I started getting acupuncture treatments for my chronic allergies, neck/lower back pain, and depression/anxiety with Zen. And it was the BEST decision I’ve ever made! I have been suffering from seasonal/ environmental allergies for years and tried everything from ingesting essential oils to various allergy medicines. Zen changed everything for the better. Zen is with you every step of the way from the acupuncture treatments to changes in your lifestyle and diet. She definitely knows what she is doing, not only with acupuncture but also with recommending holistic medicine to supplement and expedite the healing process. The office and the treatment rooms are very clean and tidy, with pleasant relaxing music playing. The staff is very kind and welcoming and make you feel right at home. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from allergies or other chronic ailments! – Jacqueline D.- 9/29/2020 – Google 5-Star Review

Acne & Rash 

I really enjoyed my sessions here with Vanessa. I had extreme itchiness all over my body and wanted to resolve it as soon as possible. It was my first time having an acupuncture session so I was a bit nervous but Vanessa and Josie gave me more information to make me feel comfortable.
The Chinese medicine and the sessions I had with Vanessa really reduced my rashes and improved other areas of my health such as stress-levels. I was surprised that I saw a dramatic decrease of my symptoms within 2 weeks of the initial session.
The office is quite small but very clean and cozy. They play relaxing, meditation music during the session.

Healing with Zen offers a truly deep healing experience utilizing traditional Chinese acupuncture and herbs.  With a practice that emphasizes restoring balance to the body, one may notice other health benefits that are not necessarily associated with the initial complaints one may take acupuncture for.  For me, acupuncture not only helped cleared my face of cystic acne; but I also saw other medical benefits including healthier digestion and better sleep quality.  –  Linda S. – 4/1/2018


My experience in having acupuncture with Zen has been amazing… After having a bad experience with acupuncture with someone else, I never wanted to try acupuncture again!

Being that I’m not a found of oral medications and hearing all the positive results people were having with Zen, I decided to give it one more try. Zen made me feel so comfortable and was constantly asking about my comfort level with the needles she was placing on my body. The results have been amazing; my sleeping disorder has changed drastically since my first session. Zen is currently treating me for Achilles Tendonitis of my both feet; and man – let me tell you, if you know what Achilles Tendonitis is, you know the unbearable pain I’m talking about. After my 2nd session I started noticing the difference, and I can’t thank Zen enough for helping me with this chronic pain and swelling. Not to mention weight control and other minor issues she recently started treating…. Did I mention, how relaxing and restful you will feel after acupuncture? – trust me, you will thank yourself for giving it a try & then you will thank Zen for the amazing treatment and care she puts into each of her clients…. Thank you Zen 🙂    – KL  – 9/22/2015

Vertigo/ Dizziness 

Zen brought me back from the dead. That’s the best way I can describe what my acupuncture treatment has done for me. In all honesty, I sought out Healing with Zen as a last resort after countless frustrations with my Western medical practitioners and no signs of my health improving. I was skeptical about how much acupuncture could really do for me, but I am incredibly happy that I chose to go through with it because it has been the only thing that has brought me relief. I had been battling with a flare up for several months that left me non-functional— all work and social plans came to a crashing halt. I was suffering from intense migraines about five days a week, vertigo/dizziness, nausea, crippling widespread pain, anxiety, depression, and extreme fatigue– just to name a few. Fast forward to today, after many weeks of treatment, and I have my life back again. My migraines alone have gone down to one a month and I believe even that one will eventually be reduced to zero. My other symptoms have either completely vanished or have been significantly reduced. All of this achieved without the use of harsh medications that come with a long list of side effects. Mind blowing. Everyone at Healing with Zen is professional, warm, and highly knowledgeable. I mainly had treatments with Zen and she was on top of all of my symptoms, always very attentive and determined to help me get better without ever feeling the slightest bit patronized by her (I have experienced this quite often with many doctors). I trust Zen with my health more than any doctor I have ever had before and have recommended her to everyone around me. I love that the treatments are so highly individualized and really cater to each patient’s specific needs. The treatments I had with Vanessa were also absolutely amazing– she is also a very caring and effective practitioner. Additionally, Kathleen at reception is such a welcoming (not to mention fashionable) presence.  – Paulina R. – 5/28/19


I have chronic tinnitus and was looking for some relief. I’ve seen all the ear specialist, ENT’s and House Ear Institute. My ENT finally recommended Acupuncture. I was skeptical at first, but Zen is amazing. After several visits my tinnitus was reduced dramatically. In addition, she addressed some other issues I was having simultaneously! Zen takes a loving and caring approach to bridge the gap between east/west medicine. She has been very helpful in reducing my problem and in some cases, healing completely my aliment. I highly recommend Zen! – Rob. L. – 10/24/2017

In January I began to notice a ringing in my ears.  I first consulted with my GP who basically told me, it’s what happens when you get older, you probably went to too many concerts and you just have to live with it.  Completely unsatisfied, I seeked out an alternative and found myself at Healing with Zen.  From the beginning, Katherine, my acupuncturist, was completely  empathetic.  She took the time to help me understand how acupuncture works not just to alleviate my issue but to really help my entire system come back into balance.  There were benefits to my treatment that I didn’t expect.  (Better sleep, body temp regulation).  But most importantly Katherine (and Zen) were able to significantly reduce the ringing.  I would highly recommend Healing with Zen to anyone looking for an alternative to a strictly western diagnosis. – Michael B. – 5/2/2017

Facial Acupuncture 

I met Vanessa and Zen at a Lather event to introduce alternative Eastern medicine for facial care.  I signed up for an assessment and initial acupuncture treatment to address a lifelong issue of frequent migraines and sleeping issues related to my age.  I have now undergone approx. 12 treatments and have been relatively migraine-free for the first time in my life.  In addition, I have been receiving the facial acupuncture treatments which have evened out my skin tone, provided a “lift” to a drooping eyelid, and seem to have generated more collagen and elasticity to my skin. I love Vanessa and her demeanor. She is genuinely interested in your state of health and helping to alleviate any symptoms.  I’ve also been astounded at the state of relaxation I fall into during the treatment. I recommend Healing with Zen and Vanessa Ho to anyone interested in trying this option. – Janet S. – 12/5/2018

I had an amazing experiment at Healing With Zen. Zen and Vanessa were so helpful in explaining the process of acupuncture to me since it was my first time. I instantly felt so comfortable as they walked me though the process. The facial acupuncture I received was AMAZING! During the session I felt so relaxed. I had been struggling with sleep issues for months now and after my session I went right to sleep! I slept for a full 9 hours and felt so refreshed! I would recommend Healing with Zen to anyone interested in trying Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies.  – Tiffany S. – 6/28/19

I had such a great experience with Zen & Vanessa. Got an acupuncture facial treatment, it was super relaxing and saw benefits right after. I was able to have a good night sleep that night, felt energized the next day & had a natural glow. Would definitely recommend this place, also the heated bed was a bonus. – Eli P. – 6/14/19

Neck Pain 

I went in for a 15-minute-introduction-to-acupuncture treatment during a Healing with Zen open house. During the pre-session interview I mentioned  that I’ve had a very sore, stiff neck with limited range of motion for a very long time. Zen said she’d work on it. During the session my range of motion immediately improved, but the pain remained. Today,, after ONLY A 15 MINUTE TREATMENT, my range of motion is greatly improved and the pain is minimal. Thank you, Zen.  – Elsa C. – 1/17/2015

Foot pain 

After suffering from an ankle sprain for over 8 months, I went in to give acupuncture a try. Zen was very gentle and explained everything she was doing. She was so knowledgeable about everything and taught me how important it was to keep a balance within my body. It was a very relaxing experience and I learned a lot. I hardly write reviews, but I was so inspired to write one because within a few weeks my ankle felt better and now I’m recommending her to all my friends. I plan on going to her regularly.- Judy P. – 4/9/2014

I started receiving acupuncture from Katherine at “Healing with Zen” at the beginning of this year, initially because of ankle pain. I had first-hand experience in the healing power of acupuncture in years past while living in another state, so naturally felt it could help me once again. Doing a bit of research on Yelp I quickly found that this office comes highly recommended by other reviewers, so I gave them a call and made that first appointment. The office space is peaceful and welcoming. I’m always greeted with a genuine smile and kind words from Lexine when I walk through the door. Katherine is very knowledgable, experienced, caring, and professional… and gentle with those acupuncture needles. She truly cares about your health and healing. Within a few short weeks of working with Katherine I no longer felt the pain whenever I walked.  With that main concern healed and a few other things addressed, I now continue to keep up monthly acupuncture sessions in order to assist with balance in my body, mind and spirit.  If you’re looking for an acupuncturist in the Pasadena area I can highly recommend Katherine (and Zen, too) at “Healing with Zen”. – Betsy C. – 6/30/2017


I found Zen Tuan 2 years ago after a long search for a reliable, licensed acupuncturist to treat my osteoarthritis. I am delighted with her ability to relieve my pain and improve my mobility as well as treat other problems as they arise. I have referred several friends and neighbors to her for help with various problems and plan to continue to use her services and refer others to her. – Susan D. – 6/28/19

Back pain

I’ve had back pains/tightness on and off for the past ~8 years.  The acupuncture + cupping treatments from Zen really helped loosen my tight back and instantaneously relieved a lot of the pain.  In addition, Zen is a very attentive listener, easy to talk to, and provides a client-centered approach to her practice.  For those wanting to try out acupuncture for the first time or looking for a higher quality acupuncturist than previous experiences, I highly advise seeing Zen.- Kevin X. – 1/18/2014

I’ve gone to chiropractors about my back problems before, but my back problems would always return.  Zen gave me a different approach to fixing my back and its working!  She knew right away how to fix my back long term, and she explained it so well that even I feel its an amazingly simple approach.
I’m normally uncomfortable with needles, but Zen explained everything to put me at ease, and I actually felt comfortable with needles sticking out of me.  It was a new and very rewarding experience.
I highly recommend Healing with Zen.  – Montgomery S. – 6/24/2014

I came to see Zen about three weeks ago when I had lower back pain.  I was new to acupuncture and wasn’t sure what to expect.  Zen was very patient, informative, and walked me through step-by-step as I was treated.  Within a week, my back pain had diminished considerably and she was able to also help with my not being able to sleep through the night.  Being treated by Zen is very relaxing, in a spa light setting.   I will continue to be treated by Zen and will recommend her services. – Michelle M. – 9/17/2014

I’ve always wanted to try acupuncture because I have constant back pains as a result from a car accident from years ago, but I didn’t know anything about the treatment or who to go to.  Luckily, a friend referred me to Zen, and she was everything that I could have asked for during my very first acupuncture treatment!  I was very nervous at first,  but Zen was very comforting yet professional while talking me through the process.  It actually didn’t hurt at all and I felt my shoulder loosen up throughout the treatment.  I definitely need to schedule another appointment with Zen and I would definitely recommend her for anyone’s acupuncture needs. – Mishi K. – 1/10/2014

Zen is the best! I had this irritating lower back problem that just wouldn’t go away. I took medication, I went to a chiro, nothing worked until I went to Zen. In just a few sessions I could definitely feel the difference. I am definitely going to her now on a set schedule. HIghly recommend her.- Fanny C. – 2/24/19

Knee Pain

I went to Zen for problems with my knee.  I found her knowledgeable, caring and professional.  I left her office  with considerable relief from the pain I was having.  Zen made suggestions for my continued progress and accommodated my schedule as soon as possible.  I would recommend her services highly. – Diane F. – 4/10/2014

Skin Issues

 I’ve been doing acupuncture with Vanessa for the last few months, and it has been a total game changer. When I started, I had a persistent skin rash and shoulder pain. It was an incredibly busy and stressful time in my life, and within the first month, the skin rash had greatly improved, my shoulder pain had lessened, and I also was able to get through the stressful time with more ease knowing that I had my weekly acupuncture appointment to look forward to. Vanessa takes so much time and care, always making sure that she’s hearing the whole picture. I always look forward to it and highly recommend!  – Alina R. – 6/28/19


I have been seeing Zen for quite a few months now. I started going due to an injury but found acupuncture has helped with my stress, my sleeplessness and even some of my moodiness ;). Zen is truly amazing and patient. She really cares about her patients and takes the time and care to understand your needs. I had never done acupuncture before this and I’m so glad I found Zen because I truly hate needles. It’s been a fantastic experience and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. – Clarissa C – 7/17/2015

I own a business and therefore I have a busy schedule.  Stress is something I always have to work to cope with.  I had a treatment with Zen to help reset my body and help me to relax more.  It was fantastic she has a very calm demeanor and very professional.  She did a full diagnosis and treated me with some needling which I have had before but I was surprised at how little I felt the needles.  The whole experience made me feel so light and relaxed afterwards I was very impressed.  I would recommend her to all of my friends. – Tom L. – 9/23/2014

We Love Treating New Patients

I had my first acupuncture session with Zen and it was surprisingly relaxing. I was nervous about the needles and she reassured me that there was nothing to be nervous about.
During the session I felt very relaxed and even fell asleep. The health issues I went in for improved immediately after the session. I was surprised at how quick the results came.
After the session Zen gave me some lifestyle advice to help balance my stomach and headace issues. I later come back in for more session and she noted that my health was improving.
Zen’s personality is so perfect for this line of work I recommend her to close family and friends and they have been very happy. – Don E. – 8/7/14

I’ve had 2 acupuncture experiences and each of my ventures was with different doctors. Both experiences were completely different from one another. My first acupuncture experience can be described as unfulfilling.  At the time, I was healing an injury on my left wrist caused by a previous car accident.  I was not told what to expect or how long each session would last. This made me doubt if the treatment was properly performed and gave me a lack of confidence towards the effectiveness of my treatment.
My second acupuncture was done by Zen; and the experience can be described as comforting as I was much more at ease in trusting the treatment.  I had a severe sprain on my ankle and it was a week after my injury when I had Zen work on me.  After going through my health history, Zen detailed every step she would work on. She would remind me to keep my breathing steady and constantly asked me how I was feeling both physically and mentally.  By letting me feel at ease, Zen’s treatment felt deep and gentle on my injury. I was no longer as nervous about the needles and I felt an instant connection wherever the treatment was applied. I was able to turn my ankle without the strong feelings of tension and pain.  The session was not long but it was extremely beneficial.  I was able to put my injured foot flat on the ground the very next day without extreme discomfort.  Although my injury still had to heal completely, I had a wonderful experience at the amount of relief this treatment provided. Even for myself, I was quite shocked at how effective and immediate this eastern medicine treatment had on me.
I continued more treatments with Zen with her Herb consultation.  She reviewed my full medical history and any discomforts I’ve been experiencing.  She personalized herbs in powder form to help with maintaining my energy and building my immune system.  I’ve been taking the herbs for more than 3 months now and I do feel the difference.  My energy level is become more normal and I am able to fight off cold easier.  Thank you Zen for introducing me the benefits of Eastern medicine! – M.C.- 1/14/2014

This is the first time here.
I scheduled my Cupping Therapy session through the website. I received a call and email confirmation within 2 hours. (Pretty amazing)
The session went great. I I didn’t want to get off the table.  I really felt like I was being heard. Zen was very comforting to be around.
I’m going back next week for Acupuncture which will be a first for me. – Cindy C. – 11/12/2014

I am a very ticklish person and have had trouble with acupuncture sessions and even massage sessions in the past.  Luckily, Zen is excellent with dealing with more sensitive or ticklish types and was able to insert acupuncture needles on all of my limbs with no issues at all.  While some discomfort is expected, especially with the insertion of needles into sensitive areas, ultimately the amount of relaxation and release that comes with each session makes it more than worth it.  I found myself drifting in and out of sleep in waves of relaxation during each 30-45 minute session. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone with acute medical problems or even any health minded individuals just looking to improve their quality of life. – Winston T.-  7/2/2014

I have nothing but positive things to say about Zen, from my first visit Zen had a very positive and calming demeanor. She asked many questions to see exactly what my problem was. I was suffering from a few things, but the most important was my gallbladder. In a matter of a session or two, I was already feeling relief. And now, only a couple of weeks into the treatment, I feel so much better. I can’t express my gratitude enough. and we still have some work to do, but I know that I am on the road to recovery with Zen’s guidance!! – Denise Y. – 9/29/2014

Healing with Zen is a great facility! Zen walked me through the entire session and gave me tips to continue the healing process on my own at home. I have been going to doctors for years but acupuncture has been able to provide a holistic approach on healing. I immediately noticed a gradual change in my body and feel like it is now aware of itself.
I am looking forward to going to more acupuncture sessions, to help empower my body to heal itself naturally! I highly recommend it!  – Jackie M. – 7/12/2014

I have done acupuncture before and it didn’t address my issue. I then gave it another go with Zen and it was great, she definitely pinpointed where I needed help with and even told me about exercises to aid as well. She followed up with me and now my issue has abated. The atmosphere in which you are treated as well is just soothing and calm. She communicates what she will be covering and asks for feedback constantly to ensure comfort and professionalism. I will be back to her soon for my knee and a stress treatment as well. – Stephen D. – 4/14/2014

about zen

I would highly recommend Zen. I’m fairly new to acupuncture and never believe in Chinese med. By her taking my pulse she was able to diagnose my symptoms. After taking the herbs she prescribed to me I started seeing results within one week. I’m very impressed. – Coco H. – 1/1/2014

Zen is a true professional and really cares for her patients. Not only is she knowledgeable and effective, but she is thoughtful too. When i went in for my initial visit, she evaluated my overall health with a series of questions and walked me through the entire process as it was my first time using an acupuncturist. She also offers packages that reduce the price of each visit. I highly recommend Healing With Zen for your acupuncture needs. – Dion N. – 7/7/2014

Zen is great at what she does and I felt a lot better after my first session.  It was quick and painless and results were there right away.  You don’t even notice when she inserts the needles.  If you want to try acupuncture, Zen is definitely the one to see! – E.L. – 12/30/2013

I too have never had an acupuncture sessions, but Zen came highly recommended by friends.  When I called to make my appointment, she was able to work around my busy schedule.  When I went to my appointment, she made me feel comfortable given that it was my first time.  She listened to all the problems I had and knew exactly how to help me.  After my session, I felt GREAT.  I am now a believer of acupuncture and will definitely go back to Zen when I am in town.  I have been to other acupuncturists since Zen, but none have made me feel that they genuinely care like Zen did.  DEFINITELY recommend her!- Fanny C. – 12/28/2013 

Zen was very informative and gentle, she walked me through each step she was doing.  For my first time trying acupuncture, it was a fantastic experience, that’s why I decided to purchase a 5-visit package.

I walked in with a nagging pain in my hand, shoulder and back.  Each visit, she tackled each issue and instantaneously, the pain subsided!  I couldn’t even tell she had inserted acupuncture needles in me.
As with all therapy treatments, multiple visits are a MUST.  Even though I felt instant relief, I knew better than to just visit one time and leave it at that.  I have since finished my 5-visit package, and am planning on purchasing another package to continue my treatment.
If you are looking for a HOLISTIC approach to treating any ailments, try acupuncture…with HEALING WITH ZEN!  Whether it’s for Anti-Aging, Weight-Loss, joint pain, muscle pains, etc…you’d be surprise at what acupuncturists can do! – Karen H. – 12/27/2013

Dr. Zen and her staff are wonderful! The office is clean and comfortable. With relaxing music and heated beds, I feel more like I am at the spa than a medical office. Most importantly, Zen listens to my problems and addresses my concerns. She is professional and truly a wonderful caregiver. I HIGHLY recommend this facility. – Kurt F. 2/15/19

Though I am quite new to acupuncture, I felt at ease with this practitioner. Her kind, understanding, and gentle personality combined with her passion for healing was comforting, especially in the face of something as unsettling as needless. It is refreshing to meet a health care professional who will actually take the time to learn your personal troubles to provide an effective treatment for the mind and body. Good experience! – Dean T. – 12/27/2013 

I have relied on acupuncture to address various health issues for almost a decade, and have worked with wonderful acupuncturists on both sides of the country, including three practitioners in the Pasadena area. I’ve been seeing Zen for about a year now and she is one of the best! In my time as her patient, I have experienced significant improvement in the concerns that I initially brought to her, and the relief I have felt has been priceless.

Zen is kind, patient, and most importantly, incredibly thorough in her practice. The herbal formula she has prescribed for me has been extremely effective and not too costly. She is a great listener and works very hard to meet your needs while respecting your limitations. (I have frequent scheduling issues due to the nature of my work and commute and have appreciated her patience so much.)  Her office is clean and comfortable. I really can’t say too many good things about Zen–if you think acupuncture might be the thing for you, do yourself a favor and check her out. – Erin C. – 9/11/2015

This is a great practice.  I have a number of health issues that cause nagging discomfort, and acupuncture has served as a reliable way to provide relief.  I am happy to have found Vanessa and Healing with Zen.  I always leave feeling better.  – Matt D. – 4/5/2018

I have seen Zen for various ailments over the years. She is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. As an acupuncturist myself, I trust her to be one of the best. I refer her to many of my friends and family in the area. She is wonderful! – Jin C. – 7/25/2015 

Zen is the best! I had never had acupuncture before, but Zen put me right at ease, and I even did a package of 10 sessions after the first because it was so relaxing. Zen really listens to everything you say, and she remembers everything without having to look it up all the time. Book sessions inn advance, she gets busy! – Molly A. – 3/7/2015

I went in for a 15-minute-introduction-to-acupuncture treatment during a Healing with Zen open house. During the pre-session interview I mentioned  that I’ve had a very sore, stiff neck with limited range of motion for a very long time. Zen said she’d work on it. During the session my range of motion immediately improved, but the pain remained. Today,, after ONLY A 15 MINUTE TREATMENT, my range of motion is greatly improved and the pain is minimal.
Thank you, Zen.   – Elsa C. – 1/17/2015

I appreciate how thorough Zen was about my health issues and history. She asked so many questions and took many notes, so that I felt she had a complete picture of my situation. She also has a very calm and compassionate demeanor. The acupuncture is helping my conditions, although my treatment will require ongoing visits. I am extremely pleased with the care I am receiving from Zen. I appreciate the reviews that came before mine, because they helped me decide to choose her, and it was a good decision! – Mary B. – 9/15/2014

Clean facility, comfortable heated beds, very relaxing and “zen” atmosphere! Practitioners are attentive and professional. They listen thoroughly and genuinely want you to feel better. Acupuncture and herbs have helped with various health issues, from common colds to aches and pains. Great experience overall! – Tammy L. – 2/11/2019

Cancer Care

When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 my life literally changed overnight and it changed again when I started seeing Zen on October 4th of 2018. I’ve been seeing her every week since and I can honestly say that getting referred to her was one of the best referrals I have ever got. Besides being very professional and very knowledgeable, the way Zen present herself and shows that she actually cares is a great feeling by itself. I feel that since I’ve been seeing her, I can say she and her magic needles are truly amazing.

I feel that it is very important to stay strong dealing with whatever you are dealing with, but most importantly I think you need to stay even stronger mentally and I give Zen a lot of credit for that because she keeps my mind clear and my body relaxed and my chemotherapy side effects at bay. I work in construction and dealt with lower back pain for years and it’s now 100% better. Had shoulder/arm pain 100% better. I remember when I first started my treatments with Zen, I didn’t really say much on how I felt because I didn’t think it was going to work, but I stuck with it for the numbness in my toes and the ringing in my ears. Zen looked at my tongue and asked if I had any loss of energy and if I felt bloated, I couldn’t believe it because she just told me exactly what I was feeling, so instantly I was blown away by that and I’ve been a believer ever since.

Everyone is different, but I trust her 100% and her magic needles. Since dealing with my medical condition, for whatever reason, out of the blue, more than once people have become part of my life that are so helpful, caring and supportive and Zen is definitely one of them, I highly recommend Zen as I have many times. – Michael K. – 8/1/19- Yelp Review# 40