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The At Home Tone-Up: Facial Gua Sha (Part 2)

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In the last part of our facial gua sha series, you mastered the techniques necessary to having an ultra effective at home gua sha treatment.

Today, you’ll learn the top 3 areas to gua sha (and the proper movements for maximum lifting and firming).


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These 3 movements are the first of many that we teach our facial acupuncture patients after we send them each home with a rose quartz facial gua sha tool in hand!  

Facial Gua Sha is incredibly important because it slims down and de-puffs the face, improves blood circulation and elasticity, and ultimately revitalizes the skin.  It improves lymphatic drainage and release toxins to the surface.

The sweetest part is that all of these techniques can be done in the comfort of your own home.



1.Gently place the flat edge of the gua sha tool parallel and not perpendicular to your skin.  Start with soft and slow glides starting from the top of the bridge of the nose in between your eyebrows to the top of your frontal hairline.  Glide the gua sha tool bottom to top and then continue onto your right side starting from the top of the right brow up to the anterior hairline.  You can then repeat this movement for the left side of the forehead.


2. Take the smallest corner of your gua sha tool and glide it from the inner under eye corner very gently outward and upward to your left and right temples.  Be mindful to keep your touch very light in this movement as the area around the eyes is the most delicate on the entire face.


3. Sculpt and lift your cheekbones by finding the depression right below your cheekbones.  Gently follow the curvature of that depression from the sides of your nostrils and following the groove outwards and upwards meeting the sides of the tragus of your ears.  Use a wider edge of your gua sha tool for this movement and remember to keep the tool parallel with the skin with gentle gliding motions.

That’s a wrap on this post!  We’ve seen that self care at home is the perfect complement to the facial rejuvenation that we do at Healing With Zen and our patients are able to learn more techniques with each new treatment.  

These steps are just the beginning of what is covered in our facial gua sha package that we send each patient home with along with their rose quartz gua sha tool!


 To watch these movements, click the video below

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