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The Kidney/ Aging connection (Eastern)

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The Kidney/ Aging Connection (Eastern)

Kidney's Connection to Aging

How Does The Kidney's Affect Aging?

The Kidneys are the gateway to youth according to Chinese Medicine. There are Chinese Medicine perspectives as well as Western Research backing this statement. In today’s blog post, we will be taking a deep dive into both sides of the connection between Kidneys and the aging process.
Kidneys govern bones and they store essence. This means that Kidneys are in control of the health of bones in terms of Chinese Medicine and that they determine the general constitution of a human being from birth until old age. This is where Kidney essence and Kidney Qi come into play. How strong the Kidney Essence and Qi is determines the strength and vitality of a certain person. As such, the Essence is the composition of genetic factors determined at birth.

The Kidney Essence nourishes bone marrow and bone structure while Kidney Qi promotes the growth of the body. While Kidney deficiency is common in Chinese Medicine, the Western equivalent of Kidney Qi deficiency is considered the natural process of aging. Several organs rely on the Kidneys for smooth function in Chinese Medicine. Both the Lungs and the Heart attribute their balance to the Kidneys sending them nourishment through fluid and blood.

For more detailed information, please enjoy our video about the connection between the kidneys and aging.

Kidney function is so important in Chinese Medicine due to its connection with storing essence, developing healthy bones, and its relation to the aging process. Check out the blog post next week for the Western Medicine perspective on the Kidney-Youth connection.

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